The Whiteboard

real cartoon

Real Cartoon – Never Grow Up

bike to life

Typographic research project mounted with pieces of bikes. The goal is to create an alphabet, build words and compose posters with images of bike corpses, a collection of photographs of several abandoned bicycles around the world. Exhibited in La Bicicleta Gallery in Madrid and soon in Espacio Think, Langreo (Asturias).



seaboard from http://www.weareroli.com/

Pagan Mapping

Romain Tardy (AntiVJ) made ​​this beautiful VJing installation on the facade of the Museum of Archeology in Toulouse, France. Inspired by the Latin term “Paganus” referring to polytheistic traditions or indigenous, this beautiful creation forms and enigmatic symbols is to discover in video.

google glass

How It Feels [through Glass]