Chanel "Firebird"

Commissioned by Chanel for their global store art initiative, Firebird was inspired by the music of Igor Stravinksy, who held a significant spot in Coco Chanel's heart. The motion piece pays a singular focus on the iconic No.5 bottle, where different planes and fragments come together in a fervent whirl. celebrating the spirit and energy of the brand. 

Chanel "Kaleidoscope"

Inside 21 Rue Cambon, Coco Chanel's famous address and the location of her brand's showroom, is a spiral staircase covered with faceted mirrors. Here, she held her presentations and launched numerous collections. With Kaleidscope, inspiration was drawn from this staircase, that contains black and white camellia flowers ascending up through its center. This month-long installation was featured in Chanel store locations internationally.