A Decaying Parisian Utopia

Some haunting and beautiful photographs taken by Laurent Kronental of Noisy-Le-Grand, a decaying Parisian suburb built after the Second World War that provides a glimpse into the distorted view of utopia of architect Ricardo Bofill. via MessyNessyChic

Some Assembly Required

One of us from Whitespace was fortunate to experience their first Rugby Sevens in the South Stands this year, dressed as a Lego Man. Mixed in with the US Postal Service Team, Hong Kong Taxis, Words with Friends, Pure Fitness instructors and morph suits, Team LEGO stood out in their boxy outfits and realized that the bright yellow head served as a target as well as offered some protection from the rampant beer tossing happening all over the stands.

Here are some of the highlights of our Sevens, from transforming some basic household objects into one of the most iconic costumes at the event. LEGO will never look the same to us!


Geodes in the City

3D paper geodes crystallize in the holes at the alley corners and the pipes. It stands out from the traditional street art with graffiti and paint. Los Angeles based A Common Name studio is creating their street art project at different little corners around the world. Be observant and see how these artificial geodes fit into urban landscape and weather like the natural ones. Discover treasures of life through another lens just like how a gem stone could be found before they are polished into becoming one of the brightest diamond in the world.

Mother Russia

I truly admire Pussy Riot's feminine power in awakening worldwide concern over the life of women in contemporary Russia. I always wonder how the life of women in Russia is in a men-dominated society. Perhaps, answers can be found at "Mother Russia" which is a group exhibition by emerging 4 Russian Photographers. The exhibition attempts to reflect the images of Russian women from different perspectives, providing an opportunity for Hong Kong people to glimpse this mysterious and ever-changing Eurasia country. It is an incredible chance for us to think about the freedom of speech, especially to Hong Kong who has growing conflict of interest with China.

Venue: The Salt Yard
Duration: 19/1 - 24/3 2013, 12n - 7pm, Thu - Sun

Details HERE

Rebranding English National Ballet

This very first month of 2013 seems to have presented itself with quite a number of brand revamp from all over the world, especially the States such as the Microsoft, the American Airlines, Office Depot, but I am way more impressed by the English National Ballet in UK. This overhaul is successful in the sense that it's really bringing forward the vision of ENB in a holistic manner, To be the most creative and most loved ballet Company in the UK. Brand identity is only part of this transformation and it does not end there, the photography brings out the spirit of ENB aspiring to be bold, creative yet sustaining the trait they are respecting the tradition and history of ballet. Together with the new logo which adapts the font Aktiv Grotesk, the new color palette, the new brand-mark is inspired by the quotation mark which resembles ballerina's point-toe gesture I must say is abstract yet expressive. Several punctuation marks have been widely used in many brand such as {}, | , & , " ". It's very challenging on how to give these visual components a new life and representation in a relevant manner.

ENB further makes a bolder statement by launching the collaboration with the legendary Vivienne Westwood who is renowned for being untamed, wild, uncompromising and simply creative in the fashion realm, but stepping in the water of the ballet hemisphere just synergizes both brands further. Vivienne will continue to style the dancers and art direct all the photography for the ENB marketing material throughout 2013. The whole exercise resonates extremely well with their claim that ENB is an ambitious arts organisation, Tamara Rojo’s creative leadership is bold and confident – just like what the headline says "Looks like a doll. Dances like a demon."

Craving for Helvetica Beer?

A typeface is important for any design as a right typeface will incorporate a brand's message. Russian designer Alexander Kischenko used Helvetica font as the key design element when he was working on a Swiss beer packaging.

The colors of cans (silver & color) corresponds to the types of beer (lagers & stouts) and the numbers represent the alcohol percentage. All texts are written in Helvetica font with planned scale of lettering.

"David Bowie is" Exhibition

When we are talking about London's nightlife of yesteryear, ones will not be missed are the Punks and also a signature punk icon, David Bowie. The Victoria & Albert Museum has been given an unprecedented access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. More than 300 objects will be brought together for the very first time, e.g. lyrics, fashion, photography etc. The exhibition's concept is derived from David Bowie's famous song "Heroes" and also a book "We Can be Heroes" which has the most detailed account of London's coolest people in nightlife.

The exhibition will start from 23 March and end on 28 July 2013. If you don't have a chance to stop by London for the exhibition, make sure you get a copy of "We Can be Heroes".

Exhibition details

Sunshine Underground

Hong Kong artist Sun Lui uses acrylic to portray his thinking of human natures and the darkness of the society. Evolving from his early style of pop art, Sun's art style tends to be a collage of psychedelics and surrealism. Since his debut of join exhibition at “Nonstoplism1stAnniversary Art Exhibition” at Fringe Club,  Sun founded "ArtMania" to work with NGOs for the minorities & needy groups in the society.  He is currently working on his solo exhibition, Sunshine Underground with <<The Night in Darkness>> as theme.

《The Maid》
《The Maid》
《Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs》
《Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs》

Heart Goes Pop

One never feels bored about Pop Arts. Hong Kong Arts Centre is currently holding the Sensation Pop Art Exhibition featuring the famous art pieces of artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg. How Pop Art culture developed from its origins of American consumerism culture to a global popular style of design? What makes Andy Warhol ‘s pieces worth millions of dollar? What is its impact on contemporary design? If these are the questions you have, check out the exhibition.


Lan Wei

Constructions ceased, concrete buildings stayed. Anothermountaiman highlighted the "exotica of opposites between grey lan wei and bright dreamy fantasy folk" in his exhibition. A back translation of the word "lan wei" is broken end. How sad to see construction project which the end is not complete, well executed and giving false hope to people who are in need of such space that could be home or dwelling area to many.

Lanwei Exhibition by anothermountainman Date: 7.10 - 11.11.2012 Venue: Blindspot Gallery & Blindspot Annex

iStay.Inn X Start From Zero

Best friend has just started an urban art hostel, iStay.inn in Singapore, which aims to offer another creative yet comfy choice for those who are running on a tighter budget.  And studio friends Start from Zero collaborates by giving this Lion City another street art flair and vibe with their painting. Next time you swing by, take a look at this little indie joint where many free souls and creative minds meet and greet.

iStay.Inn - An Urban Art Hostel 211A South Bridge Road, Singaore

Pedderzine Uncatalogued

The culmination of 10 previous issues, the 11th edition of the Pedderzine - Exhibitionist - explores the creative world of On Pedder and its seasonal edits over the past five years. Since its inception, Pedderzine has delivered thought provoking imagery that epitomizes the irreverence central to the On Pedder identity. Pedderzine’s adherence to artistic collaboration remains constant, exploring sensory natures through prominent visual editorial partnerships and photography. Exhibitionist invites the viewer to a collection of the most captivating images and scenes from the publication’s past issues. To bring the Pedderzine archives to life, On Pedder presents a pop up artspace at On Lan Street, curated by Shin Wong, wrapped inside an enigmatic box. On Pedder has invited Hong Kong’s power-duo video artists – Yamanyamo, to explore the magazine’s deeply conceptual roots through an innovative new media artwork. In additional to the exhibition, the Queen’s Road Central window of Joyce sets the stage to showcase the treasure trove at On Pedder.

Exhibition runs from September 21st–October 3rd , 2012 Inaugural Vernissage Opening on September 20th 2012 7 On Lan St, Central, Hong Kong


Tolix at Paris Design Week

Icon of industrial aesthetics, the robust TOLIX chair has had an amazing life already. Xavier Pauchard registered the brand in 1927 and since then, the popularity of this metal chair enabled it to be part of the Collections of the MoMa, the Pompidou Center and the Vitra Design Museum.

Here it is in Paris - at the Docks - all colours, all life, to mix and match as you please!


We're pretty big fans of all things screen-printed so when artist and illustrator Mike Perry released his latest book, Pulled, we couldn't wait to add this to the other two books we've got of his. Pulled now sits alongside Over & Over and Handjob on our studio shelves. Within the pages of this book you'll find a collection of your atypical techniques, fresh designs and other complex and layered overprinting artworks. Pulled is available through its publisher, Princeton Architectural Press, or through Amazon.