julia nee chu

Orange, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 117 x 92cm Contemporary Chinese artist Julia Nee Chu is holding a solo exhibition at Sin Sin Fine Art from 7 October to 4 November. The exhibition will show the artist’s most currently created artworks which witness a rejuvenation of life in her artistic creation.

Born in Shanghai, Julia now lives and works in California. She finished her BA and MFA at the University of California in 1978 and 1981 respectively. Julia’s style is influenced by Abstract Expressionism but, at the same time, reveals the fluid refinement characteristic of Asian calligraphy. (Manni Lui, Curator, Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco)

To Julia, her focus of painting has always been dealing with nature or rather the processes or movements of nature. The spirit of the brushstroke, called touch, is spontaneity and finality while the process of touching the paintbrush to the surface of the paper is called time. Time spent cannot be returned. Artist drops paint on the surfaced of paper or canvas and leave marks to build up the density of time.

The brush (touch) movement is an important element of Julia’s painting. Movement is the force of transformation in nature. So her act of painting is not only about recreating feeling of nature, but nature itself.

Sin Sin Fine Art 將於 10 月7日 至 11 月4日舉行當代中國畫家邱久麗 (Julia Nee Chu) 的個人畫展──「接觸」,展示畫家最新的一批作品。

出生於上海,目前在美國加州居住及工作,Julia分別於1978年及1981年畢業於加州大學的文學士及藝術系碩士。Julia 作品的風格受抽象表演主義所影響,但同時亦流露出亞洲書法的細緻及流暢 (三藩市中華文化中心策展人 Manni Lui) 。



Exhibition runs 7 OCT - 4 NOV, 2011 SIN SIN FINE ART, 53-54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong