Reflection, Reflections

Winifred Lai has just published her 3rd book after her debut launch in 2007. The first one was a good read as it spoke about so much of Winifred's fashion stories, bits and pieces. This new book called Reflection, Reflections I am more than excited to buy and put it on my lap to read through. Winifred at the age of 42 is seemingly facing a mid-life crisis and decided to take a trip away from the mundane and routine - she decided to land her feet in South America including Bolivia and Peru. It's her aim to make a record of this trip to motivate people with similar experience to feel hopeful about their future and life in general. She calls this book a Power Object. This goal is so similar to what our studio has always been doing - instill power and motivation to our own lives and others alike. No matter what scale the difference we make is, big or small, as long as it makes a difference, that is what matters. Reflection, Reflections is sold at HMV, Louis Vuitton Maison & Lane Crawford.