"David Bowie is" Exhibition

When we are talking about London's nightlife of yesteryear, ones will not be missed are the Punks and also a signature punk icon, David Bowie. The Victoria & Albert Museum has been given an unprecedented access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. More than 300 objects will be brought together for the very first time, e.g. lyrics, fashion, photography etc. The exhibition's concept is derived from David Bowie's famous song "Heroes" and also a book "We Can be Heroes" which has the most detailed account of London's coolest people in nightlife.

The exhibition will start from 23 March and end on 28 July 2013. If you don't have a chance to stop by London for the exhibition, make sure you get a copy of "We Can be Heroes".

Exhibition details


We're pretty big fans of all things screen-printed so when artist and illustrator Mike Perry released his latest book, Pulled, we couldn't wait to add this to the other two books we've got of his. Pulled now sits alongside Over & Over and Handjob on our studio shelves. Within the pages of this book you'll find a collection of your atypical techniques, fresh designs and other complex and layered overprinting artworks. Pulled is available through its publisher, Princeton Architectural Press, or through Amazon.



Woodcut is a beautiful hardcover book we recently picked up in New York. Published by Princeton Architectural Press, the book featuring the works of Bryan Nash Gill, the prints show a wonderful array of textures, shapes and lines. "Gill's prints remind us that every biological form possesses a unique footprint. It's our instinct now to attribute it to the details of the genetic code. But the distinctiveness of these woody footprints — face-prints, fingerprints, spinal-prints, whatever you choose to call them— is shaped by history, by event" writes Veryln Klinkerborg in the foreward. We love this new addition to our studio's library and have found inspiration amongst its 120 pages. Woodcut is available here.


make happy those who are near and ...

Stumbled across a blog post with a headline "Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come." and that attracts me tremendously. The author, Cristina Chapman, attended the Manchester Design Symposium 2012 just 2 weeks ago and got inspired by some key speakers like Adrian Shaughnessy - renowned graphic designer and writer of How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul  and Will Hudson - founder of It's Nice That, but more by Morag Myerscough - founder of Studio Morag. It's quoted "The person who inspired me the most was Morag Myercough, she has been a designer for the past 20 years but only in the last 10 years she has been doing exactly what she believes in." Morag has done a lot of way-finding design and instilled her quirky sense into many valuable organizations such as children's hospital, Deptford project by transforming an unused train into a cafe. It's indeed a life long journey for all designers to explore what truly resonates their dreams and things close to their hearts. Stay truthful and original.

penguin's kama sutra

Penguin Classics has issued an ultra-collectible, super luxe version of the Kama Sutra, illustrated by Malika Favre. With no pictures throughout the book's pages, the intent was to create a sexy cover. The result is a red-hot interpretation of an ancient Hindu text. Available at Penguin Books. via Creative Review.

Malika was also commissioned by Wallpaper* to create a typeface, called Alphabunnies, for one of their issues.

fang suo commune

I guess HK is slightly falling behind in terms of the people's reading pattern and behavior compare to both Taiwan and China. Taiwan has Eslite and Guangzhou has Fang Suo Commune -方所 . The name is inspired by a line written by a prince in the Nan Dynasty 定是常住 便成方所.  This book store carries more than 90,000 books and provides unique retail experience and coffee shop for the people in Guangzhou. For me, I am waiting for the Eslite to be opened in Causeway Bay soon this Summer. The additional thing which attracts me is the brand identity which speaks modernity and culture.

vanishing cultures - mustang

It's through the Vanishing Cultures Project (VCP) which I come across Taylor Wiedman who is a New York based photographer shooting Mustang for the group to raise funds and awareness. VCP is a nonprofit initiative which aims to assisting indigenous, traditional groups worldwide to preserve their culture by documenting their lifestyle through photography, research, and media, educating the public about these extinguishing values and cultures. The current project which spans till September 2012 is called Nomads No More, a theme about Mongolia. The below images shot by Taylor has been documented in the book Mustang: Lives and Landscapes of the Lost Tibetan Kingdom. Hundred percent of the proceeds of this book will go to the VCP, or order individual prints here!

new year reading wish list

Each new year I will put together a new book list for the year to come and Designing for Emotion which just launched last October 2011 gets a space in my list.  It's a book on website design written by Aaron Walter who is the User Experience Lead at MailChimp.  An excerpt of the book explains much better than anything I write. "A Brief History of Personality in Design.  We have a history of injecting personality into the things we make, in a bid to make mechanical things more human. When Johannes Gutenberg—goldsmith and father of the printing press—experimented with movable type in the mid-fifteenth century, the human hand inspired him. Before the printing press, scribes—usually monks—painstakingly penned each page of religious manuscripts by hand with quill and ink. Transcribing a bible was a sacred duty, as the scribe was thought to be channeling a divine message. For this reason, the hand’s presence in these manuscripts has great spiritual importance."

I hope you would also compile your reading list as reading is still one of the most mind-changing platform to feel inspired! Happy reading in year 2012!


the art of clean up

Swedish photographer Ursus Wehrli has recently published a book, The Art of Clean Up, and has received a lot of attention for its humourous and obsessive compulsive take on daily life. Watch his TED 2006 conference talk, and view more of his photographs where he has strangely and neatly re-organized everything from cars, pine needles to the letters in alphabet soup. Once you start, it seems you just can't stop.

where you going?

Sometime earlier this Spring, two graphic designers from London stopped by Whitespace. Jamie Winder and Iain Hector toured South East Asia for a month to meet with fellow creatives and share ideas, experiences and opportunities. They have since put together a journal of their discoveries and conversations called Where You Going?

We gave them a copy of Creative City, our studio's creative insider guide and a Semi-Permanent Hong Kong goodie bag. It's made an appearance, along with all the wonderful things they've gathered on their travels, in CUTOUT Magazine from Malaysia. We are looking forward to seeing more. In the meantime, their Facebook page has updates and more images of their project.

Reflection, Reflections

Winifred Lai has just published her 3rd book after her debut launch in 2007. The first one was a good read as it spoke about so much of Winifred's fashion stories, bits and pieces. This new book called Reflection, Reflections I am more than excited to buy and put it on my lap to read through. Winifred at the age of 42 is seemingly facing a mid-life crisis and decided to take a trip away from the mundane and routine - she decided to land her feet in South America including Bolivia and Peru. It's her aim to make a record of this trip to motivate people with similar experience to feel hopeful about their future and life in general. She calls this book a Power Object. This goal is so similar to what our studio has always been doing - instill power and motivation to our own lives and others alike. No matter what scale the difference we make is, big or small, as long as it makes a difference, that is what matters. Reflection, Reflections is sold at HMV, Louis Vuitton Maison & Lane Crawford.