Rebranding English National Ballet

This very first month of 2013 seems to have presented itself with quite a number of brand revamp from all over the world, especially the States such as the Microsoft, the American Airlines, Office Depot, but I am way more impressed by the English National Ballet in UK. This overhaul is successful in the sense that it's really bringing forward the vision of ENB in a holistic manner, To be the most creative and most loved ballet Company in the UK. Brand identity is only part of this transformation and it does not end there, the photography brings out the spirit of ENB aspiring to be bold, creative yet sustaining the trait they are respecting the tradition and history of ballet. Together with the new logo which adapts the font Aktiv Grotesk, the new color palette, the new brand-mark is inspired by the quotation mark which resembles ballerina's point-toe gesture I must say is abstract yet expressive. Several punctuation marks have been widely used in many brand such as {}, | , & , " ". It's very challenging on how to give these visual components a new life and representation in a relevant manner.

ENB further makes a bolder statement by launching the collaboration with the legendary Vivienne Westwood who is renowned for being untamed, wild, uncompromising and simply creative in the fashion realm, but stepping in the water of the ballet hemisphere just synergizes both brands further. Vivienne will continue to style the dancers and art direct all the photography for the ENB marketing material throughout 2013. The whole exercise resonates extremely well with their claim that ENB is an ambitious arts organisation, Tamara Rojo’s creative leadership is bold and confident – just like what the headline says "Looks like a doll. Dances like a demon."

Craving for Helvetica Beer?

A typeface is important for any design as a right typeface will incorporate a brand's message. Russian designer Alexander Kischenko used Helvetica font as the key design element when he was working on a Swiss beer packaging.

The colors of cans (silver & color) corresponds to the types of beer (lagers & stouts) and the numbers represent the alcohol percentage. All texts are written in Helvetica font with planned scale of lettering.

brand new nha trang

Here's a sneak peek of the brand identity Whitespace has been developing for Nha Trang, the Vietnamese restaurant that has grown from a tiny little shop to several outlets across the city.

This new location is in Tai Koo Shing, and will be the first to have the full identity in place. Watch this space for more news about the revamp from logo, packaging and website.

fifth & pacific

In November of last year, Liz Claiborne Inc (parent company who owns Kate Space, Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture, Jack Spade) sold its namesake brand Liz Claiborne to J.C. Penney in aims of turning around its balance sheets and focusing on a brand portfolio that promises growth.Renaming was a unavoidable.

As of May 2012, Liz Claiborne Inc will be known as Fifth & Pacific. The name is meant to reflect the company's reach and its coast to coast design sensibilities "where California cool meets New York chic".

It's reflected in its new logo as well. The seriffed typeface and demure grey of "Fifth" gives it a mature, elegant look, while on the "Pacific" half, the tall sans seriffed typeface in a cool ocean blue gives it a young and fun feel.

It's clean, elegant, pretty, and conceptually a great idea! Yet somehow, put together, it doesn't quite gel. "California Cool" seems to take a precedence over the name as the rest of the logo and textual content is washed out in grey. How the full brand comes alive will have come down to the rest of its applications. We can't wait to see!

karl getting social

Gaming is ubiquitously blended in our daily lives and Karl Lagerfeld just knows this is the way to sustain coverage especially in the younger crowd. Earlier in December by joint forcing with Net-a-Porter, Karl has developed an apps to tease his upcoming collection which is launching on 25 January 2012. Through the game you have to upload your own photo and seek Karl's head logo to access exclusive site content. The incentive is GBP1,000 spending at Net-a-Porter, and Karl could get involved in the game drawing as much user generated content as they could. The campaign is leveraging the social media platform and the extensive global ownership of hand held computers. The result could be a substantial perception shift of the Karl being only a couture brand to gaining the younger crowd's attention and reception.  

rooftop love

Whitespacers are working in a cloud of peony perfume today...That's because after a season working with RooftopCinemaHK to create their branding and venue graphics, we've just received a beautiful bouquet of love from the Rooftop team!

We're extremely proud of the Rooftop team and their hard work, which has gotten coverage from publications like Wall Street Journal and CNNGo. Season II was a massive hit, and we can't wait for the next one! Find out more about them here.


So many established luxury brands out there are looking into ways for rejuvenation and revitalization. Alfred Dunhill, Pringle of Scotland, Burberry, BMW and now it's Mercedes Benz. mb! by Mercedes-Benz is a magazine that documents and reflects contemporary culture.  There are many personal and intelligent stories, reports and interviews as well as inspiring visuals. Extra note about mb! is the other site which falls under Mercedes' initiative is The Avant Garde Diaries, it's a neat pool of many creative people short films. All the brands are now adopting the editorial approach trying resonate their brand with the personality and character whom their customers could draw association with, just to stay differentiating. The more we see, the harder it becomes for we users, to differentiate the brands now.

the marq

Hermes has announced it's first decorated home be located in The Marq on The Patterson Hill in Singapore. The five-bedroom apartment ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 square feet will feature a combination of furniture, fabrics, rugs, carpets, wallpaper and made-to-measure upholstered items. The apartment is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2012. A successful brand does not only create but to find an environment where it can be applied, lived and breathed. Hermes has broken boundaries letting her brand essence be part of the living world and not just a piece of decoration be adorned from afar.

happy clients = cupcakes

Getting thanked with cupcakes from a happy client is a great way to end the week. This delicious dozen fresh from Let Them Eat Cake, came from The9thMuse, whom we've been working with to create their brand from the ground up. We cannot wait for the launch of their new site and want to thank them for being so sweet to work with the past few months. Watch this space for more news of their launch.

massive health

Health care is a timeless issue. Aza Raskin together with many others create the Massive Health which aims to design consumer health-care products that can improve the society or the world. I like his saying "Good design is not about thinking outside the box. It's about finding the right box to think inside." The brand identity reflects clearly this vision and mission - an infinite improvement in health care with love.


I really cannot recall where else do I see an event or organization celebrating the 900th anniversary, thus Karmapa really caught my attention. The brand identity has done a beautiful job in delivering the calming sentiment using the symbolic prayer flag as part of the symbol. The integration of the Chinese name is harmonious and balanced.