JR is going to exhibit in Hong Kong

JR is a photography comes from Paris, He has described himself as a "photograffeur", as his works are not framed and hanged in gallery only, his works are exhibited in every city, every place and everywhere. He states that the street is "the largest art gallery in the world. And always create large impact with the photo and environment. The Wrinkles of the City / Shanghai   / 2010

Women Are Heroes / Brazil   / 2008 - 2009

He is going to have an exhibition named as " Pattern" at Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong, on September-November. Go there to feel how's the impact of his artworks!

The office site of JR

The site of Galerie Perrotin

fang suo commune

I guess HK is slightly falling behind in terms of the people's reading pattern and behavior compare to both Taiwan and China. Taiwan has Eslite and Guangzhou has Fang Suo Commune -方所 . The name is inspired by a line written by a prince in the Nan Dynasty 定是常住 便成方所.  This book store carries more than 90,000 books and provides unique retail experience and coffee shop for the people in Guangzhou. For me, I am waiting for the Eslite to be opened in Causeway Bay soon this Summer. The additional thing which attracts me is the brand identity which speaks modernity and culture.

not magazine

Danielle picked this up from her friend's store Konzepp. Not Magazine from China is only 6 months old and has published the 4th issue by now. I was reading the editor's note which described how difficult it is for their small team to sustain and by far, already 3 staff have left the team remaining the core people who carries with them the ambition, the vision and the mission. I wish them a fruitful year of 2012 and persist to bring us abundant inspiration.