Chinese culture

pan tianshou in retrospect

Pan Tianshou has been a great influence to many including Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010), one of my favorite contemporary Chinese water-color painter. Selected from the Pan Tianshou Memorial Museum in Hangzhou, the exhibition features 36 works including landscape as well as flower and bird paintings, and also calligraphy, accompanied by a number of valuable documents. Visitors can explore Pan’s artistic career from his early works including Bamboo, and also his landscape paintings based on Wu Changshuo’s style, adopted during his teaching years in Shanghai and Hangzhou in the 1920s and 1930s. In addition, the exhibition also includes his well-known finger-paintings of vultures and lotus plants, and several extra large-scale masterpieces such as Transporting Iron Ore by Sailboat, Buffalo in a Summer Pond and The Almighty Gaze. Visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art now as the exhibition lasts till 5 February 2011.


bamboo theater

Preservation of art and history has always been a hot topic in Hong Kong and particularly more so in the past decade. Some of you might recall the debate about the relocation of the Star Ferry Pier, the decision of the SCAD Hong Kong taking over the North Kowloon Magistracy which was acutely been fought over by the Cantonese opera group. Cantonese opera has been quite a niche interest especially for the silver hair population. To revitalize attention of this special culture amongst the mass public, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority  has initiated the establishment of a Bamboo Theater to promote the merits of this local music culture. This event marks the debut performance of the WKCD for next year and we certainly do look forward to experiencing more mind enlightening events like this for the new year.

modern mahjong

Alessi during the Beijing Design Week earlier has transformed the gallery space into a mahjong room, filled with 12 tables, eight of which displayed the tray prototypes. Each table had four drawers opened to reveal LCD panels displaying detailed information about the products and the show itself. A specially commissioned soundtrack depicting the ambience of a mahjong room played in the background combined with the whispers of the eight design concepts. One table was set aside for a set of 144 mahjong blocks, each depicting one of alessi's iconic products. the reading room, full of alessi products and publications was painted red to represent the color of the forbidden city.  This is another interesting interpretation of our tradition with a modern lift!

Via DesignBoom

in memory of wu guanzhong

Master Wu Guanzhong's contemporary art piece is my all time favorite as I fall in love with his talented craftsmanship in Chinese painting and conceptual expression of the nature. He has donated another 33 paintings to Hong Kong and those would be exhibited in the Hong Kong Museum of Art from now till April 2012.