james & jake

The inventive genes seem to be working really well in the Dysons. James Dyson is reputed for his bagless vacuum cleaner while his younger son Jake has inherited his father's inquisitive mind and developed this CSYS LED Task Light which refines thermal management and electronics systems producing a bright warm white colour with astonishing efficiency. The thermal management heat pipe technology cools the LED’s to ensure peak performance from the LED’s for 37+ years.  The design reminds me of the Artemide One Line Flu Table Lamp.

goodbye IE6

*Image by John Martz from

This speaks our mind! When we will never forgot how bad the IE 6 limited our interactive projects.

Microsoft knows how many hours of our life have been wasted trying to troubleshoot designs and functionality for Internet Explorer 6, and they’re sorry. They promised they’re not going to do that to you again. The company has announced there will be IE Automatic Upgrades for Windows XP,Vista, and Windows 7 platform. Good news or bad news to developers and enterprise, I am yet to be convinced. But for us, a creative agency. We are always happy to see improvements and better capability of web browser, so that we can set our creativity free!

reCaptcha to capture you

I am so sure almost 99% of you all have used Captcha in some ways when you purchase things online or submitting comments over the net. Captcha is acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". It's one of those moments when you see distorted letters and numerals on screen and the system would require you to retype them to make sure that you are a person who is going through the process. What interests me is the adaptation of this idea called reCaptcha.  Instead of 1 set of words are expected to be retyped, there are 2 sets of words to be confirmed by the user. During the process of this entering the words and letters, it's utilizing our time to digitize content from sources such old books, newspapers and radio programs being during the time while the bulk of these content are being scanned, many times, a portion of the content cannot be read or digitized properly and thus reCaptcha aims to use our time doing verification but at the same time to digitize content. The initiative is super intelligent that it aims to use our time smartly and for a bigger cause of the society. More importantly, this initiative needs your participation to make it work. The more you apply reCaptcha on your site, the more people would be exposed to participating in the process. Please keep this happy ball rolling for yourself and others.

creative city now available

Creative City is now available in select bookshops and boutiques around Hong Kong. Creative City is a map with a twist. Devoted to celebrating Hong Kong’s creativity, it features direct input from some of the city’s established and emerging designers, writers and other creative entrepreneurs. This idea came about when we discovered the lack of resources to give to friends and visitors who were curious about what more Hong Kong had to offer. We wanted to create a map that was functional and well-designed, and encouraged users to explore, experience and see the city the way we see it — from a unique and creative vantage point.

Packed with six key district maps and much more, this new release from the studio has taken us, in partnership with former journalist Louise Wong, the best part of 18 months of research, design, writing and production. Thank you to all the creative contributors and tireless and talented team of designers who have worked on Creative City and we welcome comments and feedback from the community.

Creative City is sold for HK$28 (US$3.75) at Dymocks at IFC and K11, G.O.D, Kelly & Walsh, Kapok, AO: The Photo Book Centre, Swindon Books and others. For any overseas orders, please contact us for more information and details to purchase.


augmented mirror

Augmented Mirror called "Mind-Body Interaction" is developed by Andy Li. He integrated Augmented Reality (AR) and mirror into one single installation. The visual effect was generated by the computer according to your brainwave (yes, you need to wear a headset). The image in the mirror can now be your imagination, not just a reflection of reality. 4564136030_52e1f69a52_b


Nike sharpens your senses

The whiz kids at Nike have one-upped the competition once again. Their next product concept entitled "Nike Hindsight" is a pair of futuristic sunglasses with super-peripheral vision. Nike is targeting bicyclists who would benefit from earlier detection of vehicles approaching from the side as well as reducing the amount of head rotation to check behind, but this concept can potentially have a multitude of consumer applications. hs_vanpt_468.jpg

The shades use fresnel lenses on both sides of the glasses, which allows the user to detect motion beyond the normal 180º field of view. I could try to explain this in more detail if I was technically capable, but all that matters is if it actually works! hs_white_468.jpg

Product design that actually enhances human senses. What will they think of next?

Visual Search 2.0

For the last couple of years, the web search engine process has been somewhat standardized by the key players in the game (Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc...). Having said that, prepare yourself for the new kid on the block - Searchme. searchme1.png

Although still in beta stage, the beauty of the Searchme engine lies in its simple design and slick presentation. Your search is first filtered by category and then previews of each website are displayed in an Ipod album art-like format. I'm already hooked!



German artist Julius Popp is known for integrating elements of design and technology in his works of art. For his Bit.fall exhibition, Popp utilizes a device with computer-regulated valves suspended from the ceiling; droplets of water are released at specific time intervals to create preset formations. The result is a cascade of words and images that magically rain down and disappear upon impact with the ground.