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This is one of the better direct marketing ideas we've seen in a while. Created by the ad agency Lowe Worldwide, this mailer focuses on the power of customer interaction by incorporating the entire campaign into a clever little package. A sample of Breeze Excel Detergent is contained within a box, which is then wrapped in a white t-shirt. Evidently, the t-shirt gets dirty through snail mail and arrives at the consumers' doorstep ready to be product tested. Simple, smart, and effective!

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Observe the two logos below. The first one is for the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in the United Kingdom and the second is for a bottled-water brand called OGO. It's quite obvious that the identities are very similar, but rather than argue about who came up with the idea first maybe the decision makers from both organizations should turn their heads sideways to the left and look at the logos again... UK_office_of_government_commerce_logo_OGC_logo_1.jpg 200742151530.ogo_logo_300x109.jpg