fake china


We met Swedish designer Nille Svensson at last year's Icograda conference in Beijing, and was so excited. Not only is a thoughtful speaker and clever graphic designer, it was interesting to see his attention being turned to products - especially one that we are familiar with in this part of the world. Fake China is the result. By exploring and reversing the notion that China is where all the fakes are produced, he goes back to a time when the West was doing the forgery - giving rise to the theme of Orientalism in art.

In producing these classic blue-and-white China plates with a twist, he writes "It is a healthy reminder of how cultural influenses and values shift and change over time. Not only geographically, but economically and demographically, the general presumption that the Western world is where things are designed and originated, whilst the East is where they get produced and copied will not prevail forever." More information on where to see it and how to buy it over at www.fake-china.com