feltron's annual report

Our friend Nicholas Felton has released his 2008 Annual Report. Capturing his life in pie-charts, Grand Theft Auto miles driven and Stellas consumed, this year is funnier and more elaborate than previous years' reports. When folded, the front lists all his activities of 2008, while the back is a wonderfully done time-line laid out against an atlas backdrop. Our printer took one look at the design and nearly fainted. It took a brand new Hiedelberg to handle this one. Here are some images of the report magically coming off the press at our printers. A tricky 3 color job that involved metallics, detailed graphics and difficult registration, 3,000 copies are available either folded or flat through Feltron. If you're inspired or just looking for ways to punish yourself, you can track your own data and eventually create your own report at Daytum. This site which he and partner Ryan Case are responsible for, will help unleash your inner obsessive compulsiveness and make you smile.