google doodles

Google has been creatively and quietly making alternative logos for themselves for over a decade. Typically corporations follow strict brand guidelines, that define the use and limit modifications to preserve the integrity of the logo. Google, however chooses to re-imagine their mark with playful interpretations and doodles now numbering in the thousands. We love the way they find a way to celebrate different cultures, and be a truly global organization. Here are some of our favourites. Jun 24, 2011, Festa Junina - (Brazil)

Sep 12, 2011, Mid-Autumn Festival - (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Jun 21, 2011 First Day of Winter. Doodle by Takashi Murakami, 2011.

Aug 17, 2011, Pierre de Fermat's 410th Birthday - (Global)

Jul 20, 2011, Gregor Mendel's 189th Birthday - (Global)

Jul 08, 2011, Jean de la Fontaine's 390th Birthday - (France)

Apr 12, 2011, 50th Anniversary of the First Man in Space - (Global)

Sep 01, 2011, First Day of School - (Selected Countries)