greyscale launch at kapok

Whitespace is starting the new year with a new brand. Launching at Kapok’s new store on Sun Street, Greyscale and Kapok are holding a joint party in the evening of Thursday 14th January. The store’s window and exhibition wall will showcase the inspirations behind the Greyscale brand by our studio. GSxKapok.jpg

Greyscale is design wares for the spectrum of daily living. It aims to bring charm and style into people’s living and working environments through accessible and contemporary design products that are visually engaging as well as practical, decorative and fun. Through a range of products from note cards to journals and eventually developing into home wares, these products are to be enjoyed by both adults and children. Greyscale is also committed to using sustainable materials and the best practices for the environment making it recyclable and safe.

Kapok is the first shop to carry our line of notecards, and we will be further extending our distribution in Hong Kong and abroad this year. If you haven't been to Arnault's shop, stop by and visit as it's full of great products such as Moleskin, Common Projects, Seventy Eight Percent, Happy Socks, VOID and many more interesting brands.

Come and celebrate with us tonight at Kapok, 6.30-8.30pm, but scoot over to the new space on 3 Sun Street. See you there!