new year reading wish list

Each new year I will put together a new book list for the year to come and Designing for Emotion which just launched last October 2011 gets a space in my list.  It's a book on website design written by Aaron Walter who is the User Experience Lead at MailChimp.  An excerpt of the book explains much better than anything I write. "A Brief History of Personality in Design.  We have a history of injecting personality into the things we make, in a bid to make mechanical things more human. When Johannes Gutenberg—goldsmith and father of the printing press—experimented with movable type in the mid-fifteenth century, the human hand inspired him. Before the printing press, scribes—usually monks—painstakingly penned each page of religious manuscripts by hand with quill and ink. Transcribing a bible was a sacred duty, as the scribe was thought to be channeling a divine message. For this reason, the hand’s presence in these manuscripts has great spiritual importance."

I hope you would also compile your reading list as reading is still one of the most mind-changing platform to feel inspired! Happy reading in year 2012!