premiere issues cocktail

In celebration of The Press Room's second anniversary, Whitespace was invited to hold an exhibit of Premiere Issues. On display from November 22nd to December 22nd, we are jointly hosting a little cocktail reception to celebrate this exhibit on December 11th. If you are in the neighbourhood, please drop by for a drink and light bites on Hollywood Road, from 6-8pm! PIxPR_Invite_lo.jpg

In 2002, designer Danielle Huthart decided to display her collection of 1st edition magazines by creating an online catalogue. What started as a personal project quickly grew into a extensive magazine archive thanks to readers looking for more information, other collectors or contributors wanting to help the growth of the Premiere Issues.

Premiere Issues relaunched with the help of Whitespace in August 2008 with a brand new website, a more flexible platform for public submissions and comments, as well as the ability to search and sort through the archives. Now six years since its start, with over 180 magazines from over 10 countries, the library has developed into a visual reference of stylistic covers as well as a source of inspiration. The key statements or letters from editors featured in numerous launch issues provide insight into the times in which the publications were created.

Some gems in the online collection include such notable magazines as Communication Arts (1959), Ray Gun (1992), A Magazine (2001) Blaze (1988) and V (1999). Other smaller independent magazines such as Me, Faesthetic and Monster Children have all grown in readership and style.

Through this exhibition, both Premiere Issues and The Press Room hope to delight guests and the public with a rare display of interesting and often amusing vintage publications.