the night market

thenightmarket_01 Whitespace held our Christmas lunch at The Night Market — a newly opened and simply gorgeous Taiwanese restaurant in Central, Hong Kong that serves well-known street foods, home-style dishes and renowned Taiwanese drinks. It's a restaurant that personifies owner Allen Lin's experience of growing up in Taiwan as well as having travelled and lived around the world.

Taipei is known for it's food, and The Night Market took all of us there for a taste of the local street fare. The lunch sets came in bento-style boxes with lots of side dishes including egg, tofu and eggplant, and if there is one thing you must try it's the popular Three Cup Chicken, which was delicious.


Our team really loved the interiors, designed by Alexi Robinson (who was responsible for the design of Press Room Group's flagship restaurant, SML) and Michael Young, and especially appreciated and took note of the quirky branding, tableware and ceramic design done by Latitude Design Studio, founded by Jesse McLin and Julie Progin. "The branding needed to take the customers through the distinctive Taiwanese pop and food culture with a humorous and unexpected twist. We set the feel of the graphics in the logo, a peculiar silhouette of a food cart that conceals a highly detailed hand drawn twin, a playful take on the rich and eclectic personalities of the Taiwanese markets. From the menu to the bento boxes, all of the identity was hand rendered to reflect the honesty of the markets and the meticulous detailing in the graphics allows customers to uncover new facets of the brand at each visit."


We were thrilled to learn that the plates and bowl sets are available from a few places in town; directly from the designers: Latitude Design Studio, at BFelix (192A Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan) and also at Kapok (3 Sun Street, Wan Chai) The Night Market, 11 Stanley Street, 6th & 7th Floor, Central, Hong Kong Monday – Friday 11:30am to 3pm, 6:30 to 11pm, Saturday: 11:30am to 11pm and closed Sundays.