what a night!

Pecha Kucha Vol 4 drew a crowd of over 350 people last week to Privé. Apparently there was a line outside the club and people thought there was a famous DJ in town. Instead there were ten Hong Kong-based creatives and collectives, talking about their inspirations and design work! Hosted by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, this installment was curated by our studio Whitespace. We invited talented friends and collaborators such as FAK3 and Emily Eldridge to speak alongside some new friends such as Chris Dingcong and Postgal Workshop. We were amazed with the turnout and despite a few technical glitches at the start, everyone loved the presentations.


The view of the club from where the speakers stood, with the audience trying to get the best look at the big screen.


Oriana joins Shiva, Nicole and Collin after talking about Chariots on Fire, her concept store in San Francisco.



Pam and John from Postgal shows some of the amazing character animation and commercial work they've done for Vita and Coca-Cola.



Lance gets obsessive about his collection of vintage ephemera, which inspires his work for André 3000's clothing label, Benjamin Bixby and Polo Ralph Lauren.



Calvin, Lance, Emily, Greg, Chris and Ree Yong were all brilliant.