fifth & pacific

In November of last year, Liz Claiborne Inc (parent company who owns Kate Space, Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture, Jack Spade) sold its namesake brand Liz Claiborne to J.C. Penney in aims of turning around its balance sheets and focusing on a brand portfolio that promises growth.Renaming was a unavoidable.

As of May 2012, Liz Claiborne Inc will be known as Fifth & Pacific. The name is meant to reflect the company's reach and its coast to coast design sensibilities "where California cool meets New York chic".

It's reflected in its new logo as well. The seriffed typeface and demure grey of "Fifth" gives it a mature, elegant look, while on the "Pacific" half, the tall sans seriffed typeface in a cool ocean blue gives it a young and fun feel.

It's clean, elegant, pretty, and conceptually a great idea! Yet somehow, put together, it doesn't quite gel. "California Cool" seems to take a precedence over the name as the rest of the logo and textual content is washed out in grey. How the full brand comes alive will have come down to the rest of its applications. We can't wait to see!