meet the kitchen nomads

We met Paola only recently but we had the good fortune of going over to her and Ignacio's house for a Chinese New Year feast. It was on that evening that we learned of her food blog, which she has just launched with good friend and fellow food lover Jessica. The result is the eagerly awaited The Kitchen Nomads, full of good humor and fabulous food.

In her words, "The Kitchen Nomads is a layer cake of recipes and anecdotes, with a few exotic journeys thrown in for good measure. On it we share our Colombian, Spanish, French and British family cooking secrets, adding inspiration picked up from our nomadic lives along the way. Yes, we've gained a few pounds getting this collection of recipes together, and yes, you will probably gain a few in the process too, but we promise that it'll be a real treat." Test out the beta version of the site and drop them an email to say hello. Bon apetit!