Picture Perfect Prose

When we think of our past, only the memorable moments come to mind. But even though these impressions are forever ingrained in our brains, they are difficult to share with others unless captured on film. Jamie Livingston worked in New York City as a filmmaker and had a flair for photography. He decided to document his life journey by taking a polaroid everyday from March 31, 1979 to October 25, 1997. What started as a pet project turned into an autobiographical photo collection covering Jamie's most cherished daily moments.

05_27_79_std.jpg04_09_87_std.jpg10_31_79_std.jpg Jamie's graduation and what he liked doing for fun...

02_10_91_std.jpg12_14_94_std.jpg ...and for work

03_30_80_std.jpg03_30_89_std.jpg His polaroid collection grew rapidly...

09-30-97_std_1.jpg05_04_97_std1.jpg ...until 1997 when you notice a change in the mood of the photography. It is clear that he has cancer

02_20_90_std.jpg10_05_97_std1.jpg10_07_97_std.jpg It is also clear that he has unfinished business. Jamie gets married in early October 1997, the same month he passes away. The way she's looking at him in the last photo says it all. Although there are no descriptions of the photos on his website, the collection truly speaks for itself.