i am not worth it

For the last two days there have been media reports on the chaos in Hong Kong brought about by the arrival of a bag. The incredibly popular Anya Hindmarch's I'm Not a Plastic Bag launched in the UK to similar attention, but no one was quite expecting the madness that erupted outside Landmark's ThreeSixty the day before yesterday.

To be perfectly honestly, it's a cute bag but it's not worth it. One report says the bag isn't even ethical. The newspaper reported that people sent their assistants, friends and relatives to get a bag for them, and that people stood in a massive queue up for nearly 20 hours in the blistering summer heat. Their hopes were dashed when they stopped selling them when they realize they had a crisis on their hands. A PR company was called in and then the mob turned angry. VIPs fumed. You have to wonder what possesses people to get so worked up by a grocery bag!

In the group's frequently asked questions page, they claim media attention has helped raised awareness to use less plastic bags, but has it really? It may have made a ripple in other countries but people in this city just go crazy for anything limited edition. Follow the latest hype with this recent NY Times write-up.