Sunshine Underground

Hong Kong artist Sun Lui uses acrylic to portray his thinking of human natures and the darkness of the society. Evolving from his early style of pop art, Sun's art style tends to be a collage of psychedelics and surrealism. Since his debut of join exhibition at “Nonstoplism1stAnniversary Art Exhibition” at Fringe Club,  Sun founded "ArtMania" to work with NGOs for the minorities & needy groups in the society.  He is currently working on his solo exhibition, Sunshine Underground with <<The Night in Darkness>> as theme.

《The Maid》
《The Maid》
《Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs》
《Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs》

iStay.Inn X Start From Zero

Best friend has just started an urban art hostel, iStay.inn in Singapore, which aims to offer another creative yet comfy choice for those who are running on a tighter budget.  And studio friends Start from Zero collaborates by giving this Lion City another street art flair and vibe with their painting. Next time you swing by, take a look at this little indie joint where many free souls and creative minds meet and greet.

iStay.Inn - An Urban Art Hostel 211A South Bridge Road, Singaore

chris burden

Came across this documentary directed by Henry Joost & Ariel Schulmanon on artist Chris Burden and a kinetic sculpture that has taken him four years to build. This was filmed before the piece was moved to the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LACMA) where it is being reinstalled. We're in love with every detail and only wished we could have witnessed this in motion.

yayoi kusama

I first encountered Yayoi Kusama's work at the Gagosian Gallery in New York, and immediately went a bit dotty for her. The Japanese-born artist, now in her eighties, has been producing artworks inspired by themes of personal obsession and cosmic wonder for decades. The Victoria Miro Gallery has a show of her works, running from Feb 9th to April 5, 2012. Looking forward to catching this exhibition in London.


TEEBS (Mtendre Mandowa), is a producer and painter born in New York to Malawi and Barbados origins. He has released two widely praised albums in the past year, both “Ardour” and “Collections 01”.

Early in his musical pursuits, Teebs joined a group of like-minded friends and producers who went by the name 'My Hollow Drum'. Within this group, he was able to build new ideas, share works and perfect his craft for producing music. As he progressed, Teebs propelled his ideas into such other diverse organisations, like Red Bull Music Academy, Dublab and Brain Feeder. His debut album, Ardour, was probably one of the most pleasant things released from this particular sector last year, but it was easy for track after track of dense nature-scapes to blur together and to lose sight of Teebs' own fascinating personality in the grand scheme of faceless beauty. Flying Lotus described ‘Teebs’ music like an island vacation..The way Avatar looks.

Collections 01, like Ardour, is abrasive, romantic, colourful with loose but meticulous compositions. This has been a hugely successful release with each song containing specific elements that give it a unique character. Featuring tracks with harpist Rebekah Raff and BrainFeeder’s Austin Peralta, the album creates a rich and soothing palette of composed instrumentals, justified with immaculate production.

From the same people who brought you SAMIYAM, BTS Radio will be host to a one of a kind project, to provide an experience more akin for art + music enthusiasts - We look forward to seeing you there!

TEEBS @ XXX Friday January 20th 212 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan 11pm - $150

Above release is courtesy of Henry Temple.

fotanian open studios

Fotanian will be opening their gates during the Fotanian Open Studio weekends on January 7, 8, 14 and 15 from 14.00 to 20.00. For each of these weekends, all artists in this area are welcoming you in their studios. With over 80 studios and over 300 artists participating, Fotanian Open Studio has grown to an unprecedented scale. There will be guided tours, workshops, seminars and other special events. Check it out today!

tsang tsou choi at saamlung

Saamlung is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work from the late Hong Kong outsider artist Tsang Tsou Choi, perhaps best known by the epithet from which this exhibition borrows its title: the “King of Kowloon.” From the golden years of midcentury colonial Hong Kong almost to his death in 2007, Tsang was notorious for the distinctive writing he left across the terrain of the city: believing that his family had once been deeded the rights to the land now constituting the core of urban Kowloon, the artist engaged in a monomaniacal project of righting this ancient injustice by executing calligraphy describing his genealogical and political situation on lamp posts, electric utility boxes, fences, walls, and other publicly accessible surfaces from one end to the other of the former British territory, demanding his righteous returns.

Fortunately recognized for his aesthetic output well before his death, Tsang Tsou Choi is widely known throughout Hong Kong and across greater China as a fixture of collective memory, an integral element of the urban texture of the territory. Until now, however, much of the attention he has received from the cultural world has positioned him in the realm of street art and design, resulting in all manner of product collaborations and visual inspirations on consumer objects.

As the first exhibition of work from Tsang Tsou Choi in the commercial gallery context, this project positions him as the historical precedent for an alternative future; that is to say, we trace back to his position a certain rupture within Hong Kong art history by which we might locate in his stance the first properly contemporary artist in a region still haunted by the ideological specters of modernism. By offering certain possibilities for public intervention alongside a concerted disavowal of social responsibility, Tsang becomes, in retrospect, a key figure for cultural production today. This exhibition examines his work as painting, as calligraphy, and as sculpture; in approaching the artifacts of his practice as contemporary art, a measure of spatial perspicacity and conceptual rigor emerges.

The core of the exhibition focuses on a series of some half-dozen pieces in ink on board and cloth, large scale paintings that hold their own within even the most recent discussions of the return to analytical expressionism in non-figurative painting today. Further works on display include a number of pieces in pen on paper and several calligraphic-cum-sculptural interventions carried out on objects like umbrellas, lanterns, and utility boxes. Vintage photographic documentation of Tsang Tsou Choi and his work installed in situ is also available separately for research and perusal.

Tsang Tsou Choi, who passed away in 2007 after a lifetime of outsider aesthetic production, was the artist better known as the “King of Kowloon.” Born in Guangdong in 1921, he moved to Hong Kong in 1937 and, after discovering certain documents amongst his possessions, came to believe by 1956 that he was the rightful ruler of a portion of the British colony. Spending decades in conflict with the police and courts, Tsang insisted on writing out his genealogy and understanding of the world as calligraphic graffiti across Hong Kong, claiming this urban space for himself and his family. By 1997 he had become known to the art world, and was included in a series of key exhibitions by curators Hou Hanru and Hans Ulrich Obrist, including the traveling project “Cities on the Move” and the “Zone of Urgency: Canton Express” project of the 2003 Venice Biennale. His work belongs to a number of private collections, and has most recently appeared at the Sotheby's sale of a portion of the Ullens Collection.

Saamlung is the commercial gallery and project office founded by critic and curator Robin Peckham in 2011. Located in downtown Central, Hong Kong, the gallery presents work by emerging and historically significant artists from greater China and around the world in concise solo projects, curated group exhibitions, publications, and other satellite events.

Sang Tsou Choi, "King of Kowloon" 14 January through 11 February 2012 Opening 14 January, 18:00-21:00

Saamlung, 26/F Two Chinachem Plaza, 68 Connaught Rd. C. (135-137 Des Voeux Rd. C.) Central, Hong Kong

Above text is provided by Saamlung Gallery.

portraits of creeps

Our friend illustrator Ross Sit is having his first solo exhibition at L'Aprés-Midi, a gallery in Tai Hang. Called "Portraits of Creeps", his work is filled with creatures from his wild imagination. The exhibition runs from 12 Nov to 3 Dec. L'Aprés-Midi, G/F No. 2 King Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong. Open Tues through Saturday 2pm to 6pm.

stylin' : personal expressions of beauty

Join our friend Emily Eldridge at her next group show, called STYLIN' : Personal Expressions of Beauty. In the exhibition, six artists showcase their very different works. Installation artist and sculptor Movana Chen weaves paper into dreamy organic forms; while illustrator, makeup artist, and founder of her own label Wahahaha Factory, May Sum showcases her colorful characters and the imaginary world they inhabit. Ronan Leung, a graphic designer and illustrator, uses punchy color combinations in his quirky illustrations, and illustrator Emily Eldridge's fashionable characters are cheeky females with an edge. Spanish shoe designer Hermenegildo Muxart showcases his brand of luxury shoes under his 22-year-old internationally recognized label Muxart Barcelona, while painter Wesley Terpstra explores his attraction to local Hong Kong ephemera through his stenciled abstract painting series.

Opening reception of the exhibition on Thursday, Nov. 10th, from 7:00-10:00pm at LaBelle Salon. Ground Floor, No.1 Glenealy Tower, Central, Hong Kong. Runs through Dec. 10th, 2011

the future of a promise

What we know about the Arab world is quite limiting and not to mention the realm related to contemporary art of that part of the world. This exhibition called The Future of a Promise has a forward looking vision  which aims to explore the nature of the promise as a form of aesthetic and socio-political transaction and how it is made manifest in contemporary visual culture in the Arab world today.

mad boy

香港街頭藝術家Graphic Airlines的作品從不賣弄可愛, 相反他們以怪誕的卡通人物聞名。香港人不習慣去逛藝廊, 他們就把藝術搬到街上利用街頭藝術讓忙碌的香港人提供一些思考上的刺激。"阿肥" - Graphic Airlines作品中的靈魂人物, 她跟我們一樣生活在這個城市裡, 經歷著我們所經歷的一切。

Alter Boy是一個以"阿肥"為主體的限量版雕塑系列, 當Alter Boy配上不同的配件和衣着,就能組合成千變萬化的形像。每一種形像都表現了一種生活態度,每一種面貌都充滿著趣味,"阿肥"將會玩盡各種造型令大家耳目一新,貫徹着Graphic Airlines的創作精神,用不同的方式去享受創作的旅程。

繼去年推出 Alter Boy version I & II 後, 今次Alter Boy來到Version III這次他的名字叫Mad Boy。MadBoy是家裏的獨子,本是一名品學兼優的高材生,從他一圈一圈的鏡片已略見一斑。但面對現在繁重的功課,幻變的學制,通識教學及將來的愛國教育,他終於發瘋了。在他自已創造的瘋狂世界裏他成為了一位魔術師,與幻想的老虎狗朋友作巡迴表演。

MadBoy將於9月23日於Madhouse登場, 是次只限量推出150個。 介時Madhouse將會變身為夢幻樂園迎接這位魔術師。還有由Graphic Airlines組成的 G LA G LA 帝國樂隊現場演奏, 為平日活在壓力裡的香港人減一減壓。若然你跟Mad Boy一樣快要給這個城市迫瘋那就一起來體驗一下這位魔術師的瘋狂世界。

展覽: Mad Boy In The Wonderland 日期: 9月23日 - 10月8日 地點: Madhouse Contemporary 香港, 柴灣, 50號永泰道, 港利中心8樓804室 開幕酒會: 9月23日晚上7時 - 9時30分 電話: 2815 6007 電郵:

hong kong ballet coppélia

Following Swan Lake, Whitespace has worked on The Hong Kong Ballet's next production, Coppélia. Working with the talented Emilie Sarnel on the artwork, the poster captures the comedic love story of Dr. Coppélius and his life-sized doll. Originally premiered in Paris in 1870, this ballet has captured the imaginations throughout the times. The Hong Kong Ballet performs Coppélia on 23-25 September 2011 at 8.00pm and 24-25 September 2011 at 3.00pm, at Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall. Tickets are available through Urbtix.

josé parlá character gestures

José Parlá has a new solo exhibition of new work titled Character Gestures at OHWOW, which opens September 9th through October 22nd, 2011. "Comprised of paintings, mono-transfers and installations, this exhibition builds on the artist's earlier work that dealt with the concept of psychogeography and depicted distressed architectural surfaces layered with calligraphic text." Go and check out José's work if you can. OHWOW 937 N. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069

rat's cave

ratscave_10 Our friends over at street art crewStart From Zero have opened their first concept shop and mini gallery called Rat’s Cave. Just like the name of the store, Rat’s Cave is a secret place for street artists - deemed hidden members in our society, decorating our pavements and sign posts with stickers, graffiti and stencils. All fashion and art lovers are "welcomed to explore street life inside the Rat’s Cave". Inside we found a lot to love including a little bolt-hole for their shop cat.

Apart from their namesake label Start From Zero, they also carry other labels including local art crew Graphicairlines, world-exclusive Californian hot-rods label Loser Machine, and the American tattoo and rockabilly label Lucky 13.

The gallery and shop will regularly hold different exhibitions; the first one is called “Introducing Rat’s Cave”, a solo exhibition by Start From Zero and was held last Friday. The gang was out in force eating chicken wings and downing Lucky beers. We're excited to welcome the crew and a new hang-out to the neighbourhood. Rat's Cave is located at 香港上環太平山街 18A-B 地下 G/F, 18A-B Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong