dodge-o-rama: the aftermath

Dodge-o-rama was one sweaty ball of fun: turn up was great with 6 studios in total, spirits were high and everyone was pumped! The Butterballs definitely deserved the "best dressed' title, while The Artful Dodgers (true to their team name) took home the champion's title and a donation to a charity of their choice via Charitable Choice.

We're all a bit sore, but we can't wait to do this again!

dry ground

The Horn of Africa needs our help. The lives of millions of Africans across Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya is in threatened by one of the most severe drought and famine-stricken crises in the world. Support Unicef, Red Cross and OCHA and help end what BBC has called “the worst drought in 60 years” to hit the continent.

Our friends are organizing a fundraising silent auction next week to help and make a difference. Please come support, bid on a photograph and stay for a few beers. Dry Ground at The Culture Club Gallery, 15 Lower Elgin Street, Soho, Hong Kong. Friday September 23, from 7-11pm

pay as you feel

Lentil As Anything in Melbourne is a very interesting non-profit restaurant chain of 3 which serves vegetarian dishes. Customers pay the restaurant on a trust basis on how they feel about the food. They also encourage donations aiming to promote human dignity above profits. I wish this philanthropic concept restaurants all the best and grow in numbers robustly and extensively. Come as you are!