birds of a feather

“SUNBIRD” is a print designed exclusively for Sabina Swims by Whitespace. Inspired by tropical birds — and their majestic wings and colorful feathers — the pattern is available in two colorways: Blue Kiwi and Cherry Pink. Sabina first approached us in 2008 to redesign her website and we both shared a mutual passion for patterns & prints and all things pretty. We jumped at a collaboration opportunity and Sabina gave us total freedom to create a limited edition design for her label. The result was the “SUNBIRD” print which will feature in 4 of Sabina Swims Swimwear’s most popular styles. We hope the woman who wears this one-of-a-kind print feels bold, feminine and, most importantly, free — much like the birds we love!

This limited edition print will be sold tonight at Sabina's Swimwear Shop, and partial proceeds will go towards WWF. Tonight, 7-9pm at Sense99 on 99 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.