TEEBS (Mtendre Mandowa), is a producer and painter born in New York to Malawi and Barbados origins. He has released two widely praised albums in the past year, both “Ardour” and “Collections 01”.

Early in his musical pursuits, Teebs joined a group of like-minded friends and producers who went by the name 'My Hollow Drum'. Within this group, he was able to build new ideas, share works and perfect his craft for producing music. As he progressed, Teebs propelled his ideas into such other diverse organisations, like Red Bull Music Academy, Dublab and Brain Feeder. His debut album, Ardour, was probably one of the most pleasant things released from this particular sector last year, but it was easy for track after track of dense nature-scapes to blur together and to lose sight of Teebs' own fascinating personality in the grand scheme of faceless beauty. Flying Lotus described ‘Teebs’ music like an island vacation..The way Avatar looks.

Collections 01, like Ardour, is abrasive, romantic, colourful with loose but meticulous compositions. This has been a hugely successful release with each song containing specific elements that give it a unique character. Featuring tracks with harpist Rebekah Raff and BrainFeeder’s Austin Peralta, the album creates a rich and soothing palette of composed instrumentals, justified with immaculate production.

From the same people who brought you SAMIYAM, BTS Radio will be host to a one of a kind project, to provide an experience more akin for art + music enthusiasts - We look forward to seeing you there!

TEEBS @ XXX Friday January 20th 212 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan 11pm - $150

Above release is courtesy of Henry Temple.