penguin's kama sutra

Penguin Classics has issued an ultra-collectible, super luxe version of the Kama Sutra, illustrated by Malika Favre. With no pictures throughout the book's pages, the intent was to create a sexy cover. The result is a red-hot interpretation of an ancient Hindu text. Available at Penguin Books. via Creative Review.

Malika was also commissioned by Wallpaper* to create a typeface, called Alphabunnies, for one of their issues.

rosalie & arthur

When our graphic designer Rosalie announced she was getting married, we all knew the invitations would be lovely, but when we all gasped when she handed us a black envelope with hand-stamp gold lettering. The invite is beautifully designed and printed on thick card stock, and thoughtfully presented with a black and white cake string, holding together the directions and a little treat Yo Mama, our favourite frozen yogurt spot in Hong Kong.

Rosalie has been with Whitespace since the start, and we are so happy for her as she begins the next chapter with Arthur. We love you Rosalie and congratulations from all of us at the studio! XOXO

branding 1000 lakes

We all know Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. Designer Nicole Meyer has decided to create a logo for each of them on a website called Branding 10,000 Lakes. It's a bit more ambitious than blogger Julie Powell's 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Julia Child's first cookbook, but we love the idea just the same. Meyer writes, "Lake logos have a tendency to be, well, fairly ugly. This project was created to rethink what they could be. One Minnesota Lake. One Logo. Every day. Should only take a little over 27 years to hit 'em all." Good luck and keep them coming!

barnbrook's biennale

Not sure how we missed this but Jonathan Barnbrook took an interesting typographic approach to the 17th Sydney Biennale graphics, incorporating much of his personal style. Apart from designing the identity, Barnbook was also one of the featured artists and his satirical posters and parodies of signs that poke fun at the art world experience, are now available as prints for sale. via YellowTrace syndey_barnbrook

show us your type berlin

Show Us Your Type has released their Berlin edition! We are pleased to announce that Whitespace will be working with this collective on their next location — Hong Kong! Become their fan on Facebook and watch this space for more details. berlin

burkhardthauke (Ralph Burkhardt & Daniel Hauke) / Stuttgart


Mihalis Arkopoulos / Athens

garage turenne

We took a break from our show and checked out nearby Capsule. Tucked away in a garage on Rue de Turenne, we not only found some familiar faces but some fantastic distressed type at the front entrance. capsule_08

Ground floor full of brands and the ubiquitous Vitamin Water.


We ran into Arnault from Kapok upstairs.


Also caught up with Jeff and Nico over at Staple.




Wonderfully weathered and layered French garage type.