reCaptcha to capture you

I am so sure almost 99% of you all have used Captcha in some ways when you purchase things online or submitting comments over the net. Captcha is acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". It's one of those moments when you see distorted letters and numerals on screen and the system would require you to retype them to make sure that you are a person who is going through the process. What interests me is the adaptation of this idea called reCaptcha.  Instead of 1 set of words are expected to be retyped, there are 2 sets of words to be confirmed by the user. During the process of this entering the words and letters, it's utilizing our time to digitize content from sources such old books, newspapers and radio programs being during the time while the bulk of these content are being scanned, many times, a portion of the content cannot be read or digitized properly and thus reCaptcha aims to use our time doing verification but at the same time to digitize content. The initiative is super intelligent that it aims to use our time smartly and for a bigger cause of the society. More importantly, this initiative needs your participation to make it work. The more you apply reCaptcha on your site, the more people would be exposed to participating in the process. Please keep this happy ball rolling for yourself and others.

the art of clean up

Swedish photographer Ursus Wehrli has recently published a book, The Art of Clean Up, and has received a lot of attention for its humourous and obsessive compulsive take on daily life. Watch his TED 2006 conference talk, and view more of his photographs where he has strangely and neatly re-organized everything from cars, pine needles to the letters in alphabet soup. Once you start, it seems you just can't stop.

let's get lost

letsgetlost ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is a special collaborative art book by Whitespace and photographer Dan Pak and featuring Ana R. To celebrate the publication of this exclusive book and exhibition, a launch event will be held at Whitespace this Friday December 10th followed by the 5th anniversary celebration of the studio.

This project began as a dialogue in 2009 about a shared vision that goes beyond their everyday roles as photographer and a creative studio. Featuring images of Ana R, the result is a striking book that showcases the unique talent and versatility of both creatives that goes beyond the scope of their daily practice and client projects. Whitespace, who celebrates their 5th year anniversary on the same date, will publish a collaborative art book every year with a photographer. ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is the first in an original series by Whitespace.

Two parallel stories take place in ‘Let’s Get Lost.’ A photographic one that follows the story of a girl, Ana R., through moments of solitude as she makes her way through a journey that explores the intrinsic need for a deeper human connection in Hong Kong — a city that is constantly busy yet so often detached. The other is a story constructed from graphic lines and shapes that float beneath the surface of every page in a French-fold book created by Whitespace. The rhythm of the photographic images on each page is echoed in a series of chaotic yet carefully balanced forms.

Together, ‘Let’s Get Lost’ tells a story of loneliness and isolation in a city where the feeling of drifting is often unrecognized and overlooked due to the constant barrage of human contact. In a city like Hong Kong, one is seemingly never alone. It's about being a stranger in a strange place, but also about finding meaningful connections and a space of one’s own, whether real or imaginary, free or confined.

Let's Get Lost exhibition and book launch on Friday December 10th, 2010 from 5pm to 7pm for press and invited guests. Whitespace 5th Anniversary and after-party from 8pm to 11pm by invite only.