rendez-vous round-up

We ended up in Paris with the CIPHER team on their first showing during Paris Fashion Week at Rendez-Vous Homme. We were given an unusual store-front space on Rue Saint Merri, which we discovered was owned by Pierre Cardin and had his name appearing everywhere. The four days went by in a blur as a great mix of buyers, friends and random strangers walked into the showroom thinking it was a shop and wanting to buy the sneakers. Here are the some of the highlights from the show. Entrance to Rendez-Vous on the 2nd day.


Collin and Marika in the Espace Evolution showroom.


The black and white Vertigos, just hours before they vanished from the front window.


The rest of the CIPHER collection.


The Seditionaries sitting next to the Sentients.


Inside Rendez-Vous, where the greenhouse effect took place on the upper floors.


The front window display.


Marika with "Mr Jones", our mannequin.


Jenny's love tattoo by Rude.


Thanks to all the people who made this trip possible and whom we met throughout the week. The Whitespace team, Antoine, Daniel and Nic at Surface to Air, Zenith and Jonathan Morss at Mors Footwear, Moose at Sneaker Lounge, Ashley Marc Houvelle, Jenny and Alex at OFR shop, Ivan at T-Frankin, Pak Man and Isabella and numerous others. We hope to be back soon.