dodge-o-rama: the aftermath

Dodge-o-rama was one sweaty ball of fun: turn up was great with 6 studios in total, spirits were high and everyone was pumped! The Butterballs definitely deserved the "best dressed' title, while The Artful Dodgers (true to their team name) took home the champion's title and a donation to a charity of their choice via Charitable Choice.

We're all a bit sore, but we can't wait to do this again!

detour communal table series

Join us at Detour's Communal Table Series this week for an informal chat and exchange of ideas about food, design, art and culture. We'll be speaking with Stanley Wong, Danny Fang from Fang Studios and Michael Leung from HK Honey. At S|M|L, Wednesday December 1st, first come, first served! detour_communaltable


‘YOU ARE HERE’ is an exhibition organized by WHITESPACE as part of DETOUR 2009, an outbound programme parallel to Business of Design Week (BODW). The exhibition is open to the public tomorrow and will run until December 9th 2009 at the Former Police Married Living Quarters on Hollywood Road. The historical significance and the architectural qualities of the Former Married Police Headquarters inspired WHITESPACE to curate an exhibition centered around space — both physical and intangible, and to celebrate the diversity and creativity in Hong Kong’s thriving art and design community. Titled “YOU ARE HERE”, WHITESPACE invited 80 creatives to contribute artwork to a group show about charting journeys, visualizing stories, plotting out dreams and surveying landscapes. Whether real or imaginary, distorted or accurate, descriptive or abstract, these individual maps will be gathered and displayed as one large piece to form a collective plan of creative energies.

Artists include graphic designers from WHITESPACE, graffiti artist and painter L1ES ONE, illustrator Emily Eldridge, designer and artist Kate Barnett, GRAPHICAIRLINES, designer and artist Yuki Holland, painter and sculptural artist, Roy Man and graphic designer and illustrator Sum-Sum Tse, amongst many more.

‘YOU ARE HERE’ explores where you are on a ‘map’. Where you are in time. Where you are at this moment. Where we are, as a group, in Hong Kong.