"David Bowie is" Exhibition

When we are talking about London's nightlife of yesteryear, ones will not be missed are the Punks and also a signature punk icon, David Bowie. The Victoria & Albert Museum has been given an unprecedented access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. More than 300 objects will be brought together for the very first time, e.g. lyrics, fashion, photography etc. The exhibition's concept is derived from David Bowie's famous song "Heroes" and also a book "We Can be Heroes" which has the most detailed account of London's coolest people in nightlife.

The exhibition will start from 23 March and end on 28 July 2013. If you don't have a chance to stop by London for the exhibition, make sure you get a copy of "We Can be Heroes".

Exhibition details

Lan Wei

Constructions ceased, concrete buildings stayed. Anothermountaiman highlighted the "exotica of opposites between grey lan wei and bright dreamy fantasy folk" in his exhibition. A back translation of the word "lan wei" is broken end. How sad to see construction project which the end is not complete, well executed and giving false hope to people who are in need of such space that could be home or dwelling area to many.

Lanwei Exhibition by anothermountainman Date: 7.10 - 11.11.2012 Venue: Blindspot Gallery & Blindspot Annex

in memory of wu guanzhong

Master Wu Guanzhong's contemporary art piece is my all time favorite as I fall in love with his talented craftsmanship in Chinese painting and conceptual expression of the nature. He has donated another 33 paintings to Hong Kong and those would be exhibited in the Hong Kong Museum of Art from now till April 2012.


the future of a promise

What we know about the Arab world is quite limiting and not to mention the realm related to contemporary art of that part of the world. This exhibition called The Future of a Promise has a forward looking vision  which aims to explore the nature of the promise as a form of aesthetic and socio-political transaction and how it is made manifest in contemporary visual culture in the Arab world today.

moleskin passions

Moleskine unveils Moleskine Passions, a new thrilling collection of journals with an inspiring exhibition: “share the loves of your life”.Moleskine推出全新Passions筆記本系列,讓用家記錄生活中最熱愛的喜好,摘下回憶、收錄資料搜集、剪報、筆記及繪圖。與此同時,Moleskine在全亞洲多個主要城市舉辦【Moleskine Passions分享生活中的最愛】展覽,分享亞洲生活熱情。

Moleskine Passions Exhibition focuses on the 6 themes of the new collection of journals: Book, Film, Music, Recipe, Wellness and Wine. It creates a unique cultural exchange with the exclusive participation of creative talents, celebrities and icons from the whole region. [Moleskine Passions分享生活中的最愛】旨在邀請亞洲各地重視生活中Passions的人士,分享他們對Passions新系列筆記本的6個主題:閱讀、電影、音樂、食譜、健康和品酒的熱情,並在不同地區展示來自各地的作品,在亞洲多個文化熱點作文化交流。

Over 150 specialists and celebrities in Asia share the loves of their life and reveal their creativity through notes, drawing, clipping…The passions notebooks created by the participants are showcased in over 60 spots in 12 Asian cities. And you can now view all the contributors' passions on the online gallery in MoleskineAsia website. 超過150位亞洲專家和名人透過筆記、繪畫、剪貼等展露出他們的創意,分享生活中的愛好,於12個亞洲城市60多個主要文化點展出。現在,您更可以在Moleskine亞洲網上展館觀賞所有專家名人的分享。

This is our contribution to this project. The exhibition will be in major bookshops such as PageOne, Dymocks and other chains throughout the region so stop and take a look if you happen across it! [Thanks to Working Unit for the use of their press release]