Paper green alternatives

Yanko Design has a couple of terrific green alternatives to some common stationery items. The first item is Stapleless Paper developed by Sherwood Forlee. This simple solution to staple waste works for up to 20 sheets of paper and is self-explanatory - just follow the pictures! You can check out this Yanko Design veteran's portfolio for more ideas & concepts. slotted_sheet_2.jpgslotted_sheet_3.jpg slotted_sheet_4.jpgslotted_sheet_6.jpg slotted_sheet_7.jpgslotted_sheet_8.jpg

The next item is developed by Korean designers Wonjae Lee, Sunkyu Kim & Sangjun Hahn. Their Paper Wrap concept is an eco-friendly substitute for the strangely addictive, yet equally annoying product - Bubble Wrap. The package protection comes flat with corrugated holes which are punched through to create shock absorbers. I'm not sure how much more effective this is than regular bubble wrap, but credit is due to the design team for thinking "inside-the-box".

paper_wrap2.jpg paper_wrap3.jpg