hk honey

bees that stride

HK Honey Michael is out promoting something new to create awareness of our friends of earth - bees! He has designed a pop-up Beehive with a Strida that allows bees to pollinate and harvest honey from different local flowers.  How thoughtful he has blended design with eco-friendly thoughts and most important of all, he brings thoughts into actions! Keep the bees alive!

Strida Riding Green X K11 Design Store exhibition 23rd June – 14th August 2011 Daily 11am – 10pm

light up

It's Amnesty International's 50th anniversary this year. Our friends at HK Honey have a unique project and exhibition to celebrate this called LIGHT UP. Together, they've asked 50 local artists to create 50 candles to reflect injustice and human rights issues in today's world. These candles will be collectively exhibited at Rat's Cave and Haji Gallery in Sheung Wan next Friday 27th May until Friday 10th June. LIGHT UP Rat’s Cave & Haji Gallery 18 & 24 Tai Ping Shan Street Sheung Wan