kokoro & moi for ala

ALA Architects define themselves as an architecture firm seeking fresh angles, flowing forms and surprising solutions on all levels of architecture; and we'd say is pretty clearly communicated in their new identity developed by Kokoro & Moi.

As Richard Baird from BP&O explains,  "ALA’s new identity has been designed with a very structural aesthetic that draws on the fundamental relationship between the triangle and load baring structures. The idea is distilled by the removal of the cross bars on the A’s (a nod to reductionism and modernistic architectural principles) and sloped L that together appropriately represent the solid foundation from which the ALA team build from. The patterns featured throughout the stationary and website juxtapose the geometric diagonal lines established by the logo-type and organic clipping paths that characterise the practical and the more extravagant aspects of their work."

via bpando

gallery 100

Whitespace recently completed an identity for a new gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. Called Gallery 100, the contemporary arts space is housed in a quaint historic colonial-style building on Nanking West Road. Owner Martin Fang and his wife also run the French restaurant Bistro on the first floor. gallery100_01.jpg


Simple, balanced and accessible the logo is meant to be whimsical but also sophisticated. An adjacent set of logo stickers were created in various colors that can be applied on different materials for the gallery. Though we haven't visited Taipei, this will be our very first stop on our tour there this Fall!