not magazine

Danielle picked this up from her friend's store Konzepp. Not Magazine from China is only 6 months old and has published the 4th issue by now. I was reading the editor's note which described how difficult it is for their small team to sustain and by far, already 3 staff have left the team remaining the core people who carries with them the ambition, the vision and the mission. I wish them a fruitful year of 2012 and persist to bring us abundant inspiration.


So many established luxury brands out there are looking into ways for rejuvenation and revitalization. Alfred Dunhill, Pringle of Scotland, Burberry, BMW and now it's Mercedes Benz. mb! by Mercedes-Benz is a magazine that documents and reflects contemporary culture.  There are many personal and intelligent stories, reports and interviews as well as inspiring visuals. Extra note about mb! is the other site which falls under Mercedes' initiative is The Avant Garde Diaries, it's a neat pool of many creative people short films. All the brands are now adopting the editorial approach trying resonate their brand with the personality and character whom their customers could draw association with, just to stay differentiating. The more we see, the harder it becomes for we users, to differentiate the brands now.