whitespace studio

Whitespace asked our friend and talented photographer Carmen Chan to come and take a few images of our space and our team. We wanted to share with you a sneak peek of our studio and the details that Carmen captured so beautifully. Premiere Issues on display.

Our designer working on the JUICE website.

A close up of Danielle's desk with a CLOT x Kubrick bear.

Our piano and favourite Spun chair designed by Thomas Heatherwick.

A peek into the meeting room.

An open plan for the team.

The studio's library packed with design books, magazine, artwork, sticker albums and other surprises.

Danielle's desk.

Our Mac Classic.

The studio line up.

A close up of Premiere Issues.

Our intern Lulu working on our latest project.

Our account director and her friend.

Our living room, with prints for AOC on the wall and a clock that is rightfully cuckoo as it never tells us the right time.

A Whitespace family portrait.

You Win Some. You Lose Some.

Yesterday was bittersweet. Whitespace said bye to one of our team mates, Hebee. She joined the studio in 2006, and has seen the company sprout from a tiny shop to where we are now. Throughout the past three years, Hebee's cheerfulness and resourcefulness helped us grow as a team. Her understanding of web development and motivation was a tremendous asset to a small studio. We will miss her and wish her all the best in her future career path! hebee_lastday.jpg

In her words, "This is my pleasure that I can work for you and Whitespace, I believe Whitespace can be the best design studio in Hong Kong!! We will keep in touch because we are a big family!!! Even I am not in Whitespace but my SOUL and HEART will be here!!!"

So though it's a sad day, we also had a bright moment when Whitespace picked up a Bronze Award from the HKDA Asia Design Awards in the New Media category for The Premiere Issues Project. The award presentation was held City Hall, and we were proud to be among some of the best designers in all of Asia, for a project we still love and believe in since we began it in 2002.