new year reading wish list

Each new year I will put together a new book list for the year to come and Designing for Emotion which just launched last October 2011 gets a space in my list.  It's a book on website design written by Aaron Walter who is the User Experience Lead at MailChimp.  An excerpt of the book explains much better than anything I write. "A Brief History of Personality in Design.  We have a history of injecting personality into the things we make, in a bid to make mechanical things more human. When Johannes Gutenberg—goldsmith and father of the printing press—experimented with movable type in the mid-fifteenth century, the human hand inspired him. Before the printing press, scribes—usually monks—painstakingly penned each page of religious manuscripts by hand with quill and ink. Transcribing a bible was a sacred duty, as the scribe was thought to be channeling a divine message. For this reason, the hand’s presence in these manuscripts has great spiritual importance."

I hope you would also compile your reading list as reading is still one of the most mind-changing platform to feel inspired! Happy reading in year 2012!


goodbye IE6

*Image by John Martz from

This speaks our mind! When we will never forgot how bad the IE 6 limited our interactive projects.

Microsoft knows how many hours of our life have been wasted trying to troubleshoot designs and functionality for Internet Explorer 6, and they’re sorry. They promised they’re not going to do that to you again. The company has announced there will be IE Automatic Upgrades for Windows XP,Vista, and Windows 7 platform. Good news or bad news to developers and enterprise, I am yet to be convinced. But for us, a creative agency. We are always happy to see improvements and better capability of web browser, so that we can set our creativity free!