Rebranding English National Ballet

This very first month of 2013 seems to have presented itself with quite a number of brand revamp from all over the world, especially the States such as the Microsoft, the American Airlines, Office Depot, but I am way more impressed by the English National Ballet in UK. This overhaul is successful in the sense that it's really bringing forward the vision of ENB in a holistic manner, To be the most creative and most loved ballet Company in the UK. Brand identity is only part of this transformation and it does not end there, the photography brings out the spirit of ENB aspiring to be bold, creative yet sustaining the trait they are respecting the tradition and history of ballet. Together with the new logo which adapts the font Aktiv Grotesk, the new color palette, the new brand-mark is inspired by the quotation mark which resembles ballerina's point-toe gesture I must say is abstract yet expressive. Several punctuation marks have been widely used in many brand such as {}, | , & , " ". It's very challenging on how to give these visual components a new life and representation in a relevant manner.

ENB further makes a bolder statement by launching the collaboration with the legendary Vivienne Westwood who is renowned for being untamed, wild, uncompromising and simply creative in the fashion realm, but stepping in the water of the ballet hemisphere just synergizes both brands further. Vivienne will continue to style the dancers and art direct all the photography for the ENB marketing material throughout 2013. The whole exercise resonates extremely well with their claim that ENB is an ambitious arts organisation, Tamara Rojo’s creative leadership is bold and confident – just like what the headline says "Looks like a doll. Dances like a demon."

iStay.Inn X Start From Zero

Best friend has just started an urban art hostel, iStay.inn in Singapore, which aims to offer another creative yet comfy choice for those who are running on a tighter budget.  And studio friends Start from Zero collaborates by giving this Lion City another street art flair and vibe with their painting. Next time you swing by, take a look at this little indie joint where many free souls and creative minds meet and greet.

iStay.Inn - An Urban Art Hostel 211A South Bridge Road, Singaore

rooftop love

Whitespacers are working in a cloud of peony perfume today...That's because after a season working with RooftopCinemaHK to create their branding and venue graphics, we've just received a beautiful bouquet of love from the Rooftop team!

We're extremely proud of the Rooftop team and their hard work, which has gotten coverage from publications like Wall Street Journal and CNNGo. Season II was a massive hit, and we can't wait for the next one! Find out more about them here.


Whitespace has been busy this month - not just with our usual work but also with organizing a heart-pumping event for a good cause.  Bringing together Hong Kong's creative forces, Dodge-O-Rama is a fun tournament between 6 local studios who will compete for the champion's title. It's win, lose or dodge! Dodge-o-Rama is a satellite event of this Detour 2011. In the spirit of this year's theme "Use-less / Eco / Recycle", the winner of the competition will get to donate proceed raised from the event to an eco-NGO. Come and join us for an evening of fun and creative networking on December 2nd from 7-9pm at the HK Football Club!

a date with rag & bone

lab by Lane Crawford welcomed Rag & Bone to Hong Kong with a special collaboration, and in-store exhibition. Here are some snapshots of the evening.

Installation of Rag & Bone's D.I.Y photos.

The lovely Sarah Fung talking to fashion blogger Tina Leung of Tina Loves.

New York-based Confetti System's festive holiday decorations for the shop.

Paola Sinisterra of Tangram gets playful with the decor.

Danielle and Marcus having a laugh after one too many sakes.

Kevin Poon, Stinger Wong and Cindy Ko at Yardbird.

Rag & Bone's David Neville, Marcus Wainwright and Catherine with Stinger, who pulled this all together with his team.

The night goes on...

pink is punk

To celebrate the expansion of Lane Crawford Canton Road and the launch of “lab by Lane Crawford”, Lane Crawford invited enigmatic Italian maestro and Creative Director Marcelo Burlon to come to Hong Kong and create a video piece featuring 20 of the city's taste-makers, influencers and movers and shakers. The opening party and mayhem begins this evening with "Pink is Party" hosted by Marcelo and his band of mischief-makers. Watch this space for more images of the party and his video, "Symphony of Hong Kong".

lab series

The BMW Guggenheim Lab was just opened on 3 Aug lasting till 16 Oct in New York on Houston Street at 2nd Avenue. The theme for the first two-year cycle of the BMW Guggenheim Lab is Confronting Comfort. It's planned that the lab will be established also in Berlin and Asia later on. The Lab aims to explore how urban environments can be made more responsive to people’s needs, how people can feel more at ease in urban environments, and how to find a balance between notions of modern comfort and the urgent need for environmental and social responsibility.

bees that stride

HK Honey Michael is out promoting something new to create awareness of our friends of earth - bees! He has designed a pop-up Beehive with a Strida that allows bees to pollinate and harvest honey from different local flowers.  How thoughtful he has blended design with eco-friendly thoughts and most important of all, he brings thoughts into actions! Keep the bees alive!

Strida Riding Green X K11 Design Store exhibition 23rd June – 14th August 2011 Daily 11am – 10pm

tom binns

With ARTHK taking over the city this week, Madhouse is joining forces with OnPedder & Joyce on "It is NOW!!" Exhibition - a four-way collaboration for the first-ever Asian public appearance and art exhibition for Irish-born, L.A based fine jewelry artist, Tom Binns. We're looking forward to the opening party combining art, fashion and jewelry.

light up

It's Amnesty International's 50th anniversary this year. Our friends at HK Honey have a unique project and exhibition to celebrate this called LIGHT UP. Together, they've asked 50 local artists to create 50 candles to reflect injustice and human rights issues in today's world. These candles will be collectively exhibited at Rat's Cave and Haji Gallery in Sheung Wan next Friday 27th May until Friday 10th June. LIGHT UP Rat’s Cave & Haji Gallery 18 & 24 Tai Ping Shan Street Sheung Wan

let's get lost

letsgetlost ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is a special collaborative art book by Whitespace and photographer Dan Pak and featuring Ana R. To celebrate the publication of this exclusive book and exhibition, a launch event will be held at Whitespace this Friday December 10th followed by the 5th anniversary celebration of the studio.

This project began as a dialogue in 2009 about a shared vision that goes beyond their everyday roles as photographer and a creative studio. Featuring images of Ana R, the result is a striking book that showcases the unique talent and versatility of both creatives that goes beyond the scope of their daily practice and client projects. Whitespace, who celebrates their 5th year anniversary on the same date, will publish a collaborative art book every year with a photographer. ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is the first in an original series by Whitespace.

Two parallel stories take place in ‘Let’s Get Lost.’ A photographic one that follows the story of a girl, Ana R., through moments of solitude as she makes her way through a journey that explores the intrinsic need for a deeper human connection in Hong Kong — a city that is constantly busy yet so often detached. The other is a story constructed from graphic lines and shapes that float beneath the surface of every page in a French-fold book created by Whitespace. The rhythm of the photographic images on each page is echoed in a series of chaotic yet carefully balanced forms.

Together, ‘Let’s Get Lost’ tells a story of loneliness and isolation in a city where the feeling of drifting is often unrecognized and overlooked due to the constant barrage of human contact. In a city like Hong Kong, one is seemingly never alone. It's about being a stranger in a strange place, but also about finding meaningful connections and a space of one’s own, whether real or imaginary, free or confined.

Let's Get Lost exhibition and book launch on Friday December 10th, 2010 from 5pm to 7pm for press and invited guests. Whitespace 5th Anniversary and after-party from 8pm to 11pm by invite only.

Creative City x Show Us Your Type : Hong Kong

suyt_cc Creative City and Neue Showusyourtype join forces for this edition of the online magazine about type and cities. We would love it if you could collaborate with us for the latest edition: Neue Hong Kong.

Neue Showusyourtype is a tri-anual online magazine that showcases artists from around the world. Submissions are open to everyone and the only requisite is that the artwork must use the letters from that city. For this edition, the Chinese characters "香港" can be used. The closing date is the 23rd of September and works selected by Neue Showusyourtype will appear in the online magazine. Creative City is curating a selection of works to be sent as a group submission and we would like to include your artwork! Please send art sized 396 x 559px (vertical) to:

Creative City and Neue Showusyourtype will also select a few posters and, with your permission, show them at an exhibition at Moot Gallery, located in the Hong Kong campus of the Savannah College of Art Design. These works will not be for sale and will be be shown in addition to our online magazine. If you are selected, we will ask you to provide a high resolution version of your artwork.

Creative City is a map with a twist. Devoted to celebrating creativity, the first edition of the Hong Kong map features direct input from some of the city's established and emerging designers, writers and other creative entrepreneurs. With over 150 locations recommended by creative insiders, the recently published map also highlights cultural elements that make Hong Kong a uniquely vibrant and dynamic city.

Click here to view the event on Facebook

We look forward to hearing from you soon, The Creative City Team.