rosalie & arthur

When our graphic designer Rosalie announced she was getting married, we all knew the invitations would be lovely, but when we all gasped when she handed us a black envelope with hand-stamp gold lettering. The invite is beautifully designed and printed on thick card stock, and thoughtfully presented with a black and white cake string, holding together the directions and a little treat Yo Mama, our favourite frozen yogurt spot in Hong Kong.

Rosalie has been with Whitespace since the start, and we are so happy for her as she begins the next chapter with Arthur. We love you Rosalie and congratulations from all of us at the studio! XOXO

Please poke me!

These customizable cards created by The Breeding Ground are simple, cute and perfect for any occasion! Just use your imagination and go buck wild on this blank, holey canvas. Ideal for those who tend to forget special events or those who are just too lazy to look for holiday cards. the_card3.jpg



Go check out the interactive website and test out the product online.

rythme de jeunesse

Drawing inspiration from West Africa, Rythme de Jeunesse is the new collection of fabrics made by Netherlands based company Vlisco. In operation since 1846, they are a veritable brand with some pretty amazing prints all created using the wax block technique similar to batik found in Indonesia. With some imagination, these fabrics can be transformed into anything and we would love to get our hands on a few meters! vlisco02.jpg