barnbrook's biennale

Not sure how we missed this but Jonathan Barnbrook took an interesting typographic approach to the 17th Sydney Biennale graphics, incorporating much of his personal style. Apart from designing the identity, Barnbook was also one of the featured artists and his satirical posters and parodies of signs that poke fun at the art world experience, are now available as prints for sale. via YellowTrace syndey_barnbrook

behold bothos

BOTHOS appeared rather mysteriously in Hong Kong sometime in 2009. Along with their sister jewellery shop SETHA just down the road, they've become known for their artful window displays and cocktail-infused event launches. We've been a big fan of their brand since the start, which blends a true Eastern-inspired philosophy with a Western aesthetic across a line of beautifully made bags and accessories. The unisex Anil, pictured below is one of our favourites. The BOTHOS Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, Fumeur d'alluscination, opens tonight on 20 Hollywood Road. bothos-anil

creative city now available

Creative City is now available in select bookshops and boutiques around Hong Kong. Creative City is a map with a twist. Devoted to celebrating Hong Kong’s creativity, it features direct input from some of the city’s established and emerging designers, writers and other creative entrepreneurs. This idea came about when we discovered the lack of resources to give to friends and visitors who were curious about what more Hong Kong had to offer. We wanted to create a map that was functional and well-designed, and encouraged users to explore, experience and see the city the way we see it — from a unique and creative vantage point.

Packed with six key district maps and much more, this new release from the studio has taken us, in partnership with former journalist Louise Wong, the best part of 18 months of research, design, writing and production. Thank you to all the creative contributors and tireless and talented team of designers who have worked on Creative City and we welcome comments and feedback from the community.

Creative City is sold for HK$28 (US$3.75) at Dymocks at IFC and K11, G.O.D, Kelly & Walsh, Kapok, AO: The Photo Book Centre, Swindon Books and others. For any overseas orders, please contact us for more information and details to purchase.


rendez-vous round-up

We ended up in Paris with the CIPHER team on their first showing during Paris Fashion Week at Rendez-Vous Homme. We were given an unusual store-front space on Rue Saint Merri, which we discovered was owned by Pierre Cardin and had his name appearing everywhere. The four days went by in a blur as a great mix of buyers, friends and random strangers walked into the showroom thinking it was a shop and wanting to buy the sneakers. Here are the some of the highlights from the show. Entrance to Rendez-Vous on the 2nd day.


Collin and Marika in the Espace Evolution showroom.


The black and white Vertigos, just hours before they vanished from the front window.


The rest of the CIPHER collection.


The Seditionaries sitting next to the Sentients.


Inside Rendez-Vous, where the greenhouse effect took place on the upper floors.


The front window display.


Marika with "Mr Jones", our mannequin.


Jenny's love tattoo by Rude.


Thanks to all the people who made this trip possible and whom we met throughout the week. The Whitespace team, Antoine, Daniel and Nic at Surface to Air, Zenith and Jonathan Morss at Mors Footwear, Moose at Sneaker Lounge, Ashley Marc Houvelle, Jenny and Alex at OFR shop, Ivan at T-Frankin, Pak Man and Isabella and numerous others. We hope to be back soon.

garage turenne

We took a break from our show and checked out nearby Capsule. Tucked away in a garage on Rue de Turenne, we not only found some familiar faces but some fantastic distressed type at the front entrance. capsule_08

Ground floor full of brands and the ubiquitous Vitamin Water.


We ran into Arnault from Kapok upstairs.


Also caught up with Jeff and Nico over at Staple.




Wonderfully weathered and layered French garage type.

hongkong honey

Hong Kong Honey will be launched at Kapok Sun Street on Friday July 16. It's a local organization of beekeepers and designers that aims to communicate the value of bees and benefits of local produced honey. The launch night starts at 6:30pm, including a candle making workshop and honey foods. Works by Benny Luk (Sixstation), Martin Cheung (HK Photographer) and Studio Leung (HK Design Studio) will also be exhibited until Sunday August 8 - so don't miss out!


crashing monocle

Last night we Whitespace team crashed Monocle's launch party at Lane Crawford in Pacific Place. Hong Kong is lucky to be one of the 3 cities (along with London and Los Angeles) to have the seasonal Monocle's shop in town. If you happened to miss out the good-looking crowd, free-flowing champagnes, Monocle x Comme des Garcons scents and the jazzy live band last night, check out the shop before May 23 and grab the latest issue 33 for Hong Kong: A Monocle City Survey!


glass magazine

UK-based glass magazine launched earlier this week in Hong Kong. Apparently the first issue is sold out everywhere, so I was fortunate to get to work and find a copy of one sitting on my desk (thanks to Michell). We've added this lovely edition, featuring our first lady of film, Maggie Cheung to our Premiere Issues Project along with some other recent additions including Jamie, Elephant and Freestyle. glassmagazine2

hello rupert sanderson

Shoe-designer Rupert Sanderson is opening his first shop outside of the UK and has chosen Hong Kong as the location. The new retail flagship launches next Thursday on little On Lan Street where fashion labels D-Mop and Christian Louboutin also have their set-up. We don't need a reason to drink cocktails and wear heels, but this event will be worth the stumble through Central! rupert_wheel

moleskin passions

Moleskine unveils Moleskine Passions, a new thrilling collection of journals with an inspiring exhibition: “share the loves of your life”.Moleskine推出全新Passions筆記本系列,讓用家記錄生活中最熱愛的喜好,摘下回憶、收錄資料搜集、剪報、筆記及繪圖。與此同時,Moleskine在全亞洲多個主要城市舉辦【Moleskine Passions分享生活中的最愛】展覽,分享亞洲生活熱情。

Moleskine Passions Exhibition focuses on the 6 themes of the new collection of journals: Book, Film, Music, Recipe, Wellness and Wine. It creates a unique cultural exchange with the exclusive participation of creative talents, celebrities and icons from the whole region. [Moleskine Passions分享生活中的最愛】旨在邀請亞洲各地重視生活中Passions的人士,分享他們對Passions新系列筆記本的6個主題:閱讀、電影、音樂、食譜、健康和品酒的熱情,並在不同地區展示來自各地的作品,在亞洲多個文化熱點作文化交流。

Over 150 specialists and celebrities in Asia share the loves of their life and reveal their creativity through notes, drawing, clipping…The passions notebooks created by the participants are showcased in over 60 spots in 12 Asian cities. And you can now view all the contributors' passions on the online gallery in MoleskineAsia website. 超過150位亞洲專家和名人透過筆記、繪畫、剪貼等展露出他們的創意,分享生活中的愛好,於12個亞洲城市60多個主要文化點展出。現在,您更可以在Moleskine亞洲網上展館觀賞所有專家名人的分享。

This is our contribution to this project. The exhibition will be in major bookshops such as PageOne, Dymocks and other chains throughout the region so stop and take a look if you happen across it! [Thanks to Working Unit for the use of their press release]


introducing greyscale

Greyscale, our nascent brand of stationery and products, was launched at Kapok's new store on Thursday night. Press, family, friends and the usual suspects all showed up to drink, eat cupcakes and soak up some of owner Arnault's rays of retail love on the Sun Street, joining neighbours such Sonjia, Chen Mi Ji and Vilebrequin. Press walked off with one of our limited edition tote bags, but customers will also get one if they bag more than 200HKD worth of Greyscale goodies! Our current collection of notecards with names such as 'Dandelion Storm', 'Lotus Lilies' and 'Sticks and Stones' are available as assorted boxed sets retailing for 180HKD or single packs for 60HKD. Contact us for more details or join our list for further news, events and updates.

Greyscale now available at Kapok, 3 Sun Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong.










‘YOU ARE HERE’ is an exhibition organized by WHITESPACE as part of DETOUR 2009, an outbound programme parallel to Business of Design Week (BODW). The exhibition is open to the public tomorrow and will run until December 9th 2009 at the Former Police Married Living Quarters on Hollywood Road. The historical significance and the architectural qualities of the Former Married Police Headquarters inspired WHITESPACE to curate an exhibition centered around space — both physical and intangible, and to celebrate the diversity and creativity in Hong Kong’s thriving art and design community. Titled “YOU ARE HERE”, WHITESPACE invited 80 creatives to contribute artwork to a group show about charting journeys, visualizing stories, plotting out dreams and surveying landscapes. Whether real or imaginary, distorted or accurate, descriptive or abstract, these individual maps will be gathered and displayed as one large piece to form a collective plan of creative energies.

Artists include graphic designers from WHITESPACE, graffiti artist and painter L1ES ONE, illustrator Emily Eldridge, designer and artist Kate Barnett, GRAPHICAIRLINES, designer and artist Yuki Holland, painter and sculptural artist, Roy Man and graphic designer and illustrator Sum-Sum Tse, amongst many more.

‘YOU ARE HERE’ explores where you are on a ‘map’. Where you are in time. Where you are at this moment. Where we are, as a group, in Hong Kong.