celebrating new traditions

While Whitespace celebrates our 5th anniversary, Lane Crawford celebrates their 160th! They produced a beautiful book, Celebrating New Traditions, which creative manager Sarah Fung presented to me yesterday after a meeting at their offices. We're delighted to be called 'a pioneer of creativity in Hong Kong' and to share our special memories in the opening forward of this edition. We wish this very special store, a very special birthday, too! lanecrawford2



let's get lost

letsgetlost ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is a special collaborative art book by Whitespace and photographer Dan Pak and featuring Ana R. To celebrate the publication of this exclusive book and exhibition, a launch event will be held at Whitespace this Friday December 10th followed by the 5th anniversary celebration of the studio.

This project began as a dialogue in 2009 about a shared vision that goes beyond their everyday roles as photographer and a creative studio. Featuring images of Ana R, the result is a striking book that showcases the unique talent and versatility of both creatives that goes beyond the scope of their daily practice and client projects. Whitespace, who celebrates their 5th year anniversary on the same date, will publish a collaborative art book every year with a photographer. ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is the first in an original series by Whitespace.

Two parallel stories take place in ‘Let’s Get Lost.’ A photographic one that follows the story of a girl, Ana R., through moments of solitude as she makes her way through a journey that explores the intrinsic need for a deeper human connection in Hong Kong — a city that is constantly busy yet so often detached. The other is a story constructed from graphic lines and shapes that float beneath the surface of every page in a French-fold book created by Whitespace. The rhythm of the photographic images on each page is echoed in a series of chaotic yet carefully balanced forms.

Together, ‘Let’s Get Lost’ tells a story of loneliness and isolation in a city where the feeling of drifting is often unrecognized and overlooked due to the constant barrage of human contact. In a city like Hong Kong, one is seemingly never alone. It's about being a stranger in a strange place, but also about finding meaningful connections and a space of one’s own, whether real or imaginary, free or confined.

Let's Get Lost exhibition and book launch on Friday December 10th, 2010 from 5pm to 7pm for press and invited guests. Whitespace 5th Anniversary and after-party from 8pm to 11pm by invite only.

f scott fitzgerald

The enormously talented Coralie Bickford-Smith over at Penguin Books has just produced these lovely art-deco inspired book jackets for F Scott Fitzgerald's novels to commemorate the 70th annivesary of his death in 1940. To be released on November 4, the titles in the series include The Beautiful and Damned, Flapper and Philosophers: The Collected Short Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald,The Last Tycoon, Tender is the Night, and This Side of Paradise and most famously, The Great Gatsby. via Creative Review. fitzgerald_0



eat pray love

We loved the book but will we love the scents? Fresh comes out with a trio of fragrances based on Elizabeth Gilbert's bestseller, Eat, Pray, Love. One of my favourite scents is their Pomegranate Anise, but it will be interesting to see how they capture her story in these simple fragrances, inspired by three locations, Italy, India and Indonesia.


Julia Roberts stars in the film with the same name, opening on August 13th.

creative city now available

Creative City is now available in select bookshops and boutiques around Hong Kong. Creative City is a map with a twist. Devoted to celebrating Hong Kong’s creativity, it features direct input from some of the city’s established and emerging designers, writers and other creative entrepreneurs. This idea came about when we discovered the lack of resources to give to friends and visitors who were curious about what more Hong Kong had to offer. We wanted to create a map that was functional and well-designed, and encouraged users to explore, experience and see the city the way we see it — from a unique and creative vantage point.

Packed with six key district maps and much more, this new release from the studio has taken us, in partnership with former journalist Louise Wong, the best part of 18 months of research, design, writing and production. Thank you to all the creative contributors and tireless and talented team of designers who have worked on Creative City and we welcome comments and feedback from the community.

Creative City is sold for HK$28 (US$3.75) at Dymocks at IFC and K11, G.O.D, Kelly & Walsh, Kapok, AO: The Photo Book Centre, Swindon Books and others. For any overseas orders, please contact us for more information and details to purchase.


moleskin passions

Moleskine unveils Moleskine Passions, a new thrilling collection of journals with an inspiring exhibition: “share the loves of your life”.Moleskine推出全新Passions筆記本系列,讓用家記錄生活中最熱愛的喜好,摘下回憶、收錄資料搜集、剪報、筆記及繪圖。與此同時,Moleskine在全亞洲多個主要城市舉辦【Moleskine Passions分享生活中的最愛】展覽,分享亞洲生活熱情。

Moleskine Passions Exhibition focuses on the 6 themes of the new collection of journals: Book, Film, Music, Recipe, Wellness and Wine. It creates a unique cultural exchange with the exclusive participation of creative talents, celebrities and icons from the whole region. [Moleskine Passions分享生活中的最愛】旨在邀請亞洲各地重視生活中Passions的人士,分享他們對Passions新系列筆記本的6個主題:閱讀、電影、音樂、食譜、健康和品酒的熱情,並在不同地區展示來自各地的作品,在亞洲多個文化熱點作文化交流。

Over 150 specialists and celebrities in Asia share the loves of their life and reveal their creativity through notes, drawing, clipping…The passions notebooks created by the participants are showcased in over 60 spots in 12 Asian cities. And you can now view all the contributors' passions on the online gallery in MoleskineAsia website. 超過150位亞洲專家和名人透過筆記、繪畫、剪貼等展露出他們的創意,分享生活中的愛好,於12個亞洲城市60多個主要文化點展出。現在,您更可以在Moleskine亞洲網上展館觀賞所有專家名人的分享。

This is our contribution to this project. The exhibition will be in major bookshops such as PageOne, Dymocks and other chains throughout the region so stop and take a look if you happen across it! [Thanks to Working Unit for the use of their press release]


too delicious!

Three years after their first cookbook DELICIOUS, Claudia Shaw d'Auriol and Dominica Yang approached Whitespace again to art direct and design their follow-up edition, TOO DELICIOUS. Full of savoury and sweet recipes gathered from their own kitchens, the new book launches tonight at Shanghai Tang. All proceeds of the book go to support Room to Read and will be available at all major bookshops in the city as well as Lane Crawford, Harvey Nichols, Mandarin Oriental, G.O.D and online through Haven Books. Pick up a copy and help to build more libraries for children around world! toodelicious_cover.jpg

too delicious!

We've just wrapped up a three day photo-shoot for culinary duo Claudia Shaw d'Auriol and Dominica Yang's new cookbook, Too Delicious. Slated for a November launch, the follow up to their first book, Delicious, which Whitespace also handled art direction and design for, will be chock full of yummy savoury and sweet recipes from both of their kitchens. Published by Haven Books, all proceeds from this new book will benefit Room To Read. TooDelicious.jpg

over %26 over : a catalog of hand-drawn patterns

A parcel of goodies arrived from our friends over at Princeton Architectural Press the other day, packed with the latest punch of their publications. Mike Perry's first book, Handjob: A Catalog of Type, and now his second, the soon-to-be-released and cleverly titled Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns are filled with some of the quirkiest and most imaginative typography and patterns we've ever seen. In the preface to his latest book, he writes, "Patterns have been used in design forever. But in our world where patterns surround uson everything from wallpaper to fabric, the people I was most interested in were the makers who choose to craft patterns by hand. Drawing a pattern is not the easiest way of doing it, but, when the time is spent, something magical happens."

We are thrilled to have a sneak preview of this wonderful book, before it arrives in Hong Kong bookshelves. Look out for it as it's a gem for any design library. Special thanks to Russell and Carina.


pap_spread01.jpg The Quiet Revolution from Claire Scully.

pap_spread02.jpg Florals from Brie Harrison.

pap_spread03.jpg Hold East Skateboard and Manhattan Storage from Dan Funderburgh.

pap_spread04.jpg Hagabion's Cafe by Andreas Samuelsson.

pap_spread05.jpg Optical 004 for Arkitip from Michael Perry.


thinking the opposite

We loved his first book, It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be [2003] and even more so the follow up, Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite [2005]. So we're sad to learn that former ad man and author Paul Arden passed away earlier this month from a heart attack. In his second book he writes, "Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour films, music, books, paintings, poems, photographs, conversations, dreams, trees, architecture, street signs, clouds, light and shadows.

Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable. Originality is non-existent. Don't bother concealing your thievery — celebrate it if you feel like it.

Remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: "It's not where you take things from — it's where you take them to." Then he adds he had taken this from Jim Jarmusch.

So we've stolen a few pages from his book to share, and hope his books and words live on and continue to inspire us to think differently, make wrong decisions and be completely unreasonable. Or else we'll just be like everyone else.