pink is punk

To celebrate the expansion of Lane Crawford Canton Road and the launch of “lab by Lane Crawford”, Lane Crawford invited enigmatic Italian maestro and Creative Director Marcelo Burlon to come to Hong Kong and create a video piece featuring 20 of the city's taste-makers, influencers and movers and shakers. The opening party and mayhem begins this evening with "Pink is Party" hosted by Marcelo and his band of mischief-makers. Watch this space for more images of the party and his video, "Symphony of Hong Kong".

julia nee chu

Orange, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 117 x 92cm Contemporary Chinese artist Julia Nee Chu is holding a solo exhibition at Sin Sin Fine Art from 7 October to 4 November. The exhibition will show the artist’s most currently created artworks which witness a rejuvenation of life in her artistic creation.

Born in Shanghai, Julia now lives and works in California. She finished her BA and MFA at the University of California in 1978 and 1981 respectively. Julia’s style is influenced by Abstract Expressionism but, at the same time, reveals the fluid refinement characteristic of Asian calligraphy. (Manni Lui, Curator, Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco)

To Julia, her focus of painting has always been dealing with nature or rather the processes or movements of nature. The spirit of the brushstroke, called touch, is spontaneity and finality while the process of touching the paintbrush to the surface of the paper is called time. Time spent cannot be returned. Artist drops paint on the surfaced of paper or canvas and leave marks to build up the density of time.

The brush (touch) movement is an important element of Julia’s painting. Movement is the force of transformation in nature. So her act of painting is not only about recreating feeling of nature, but nature itself.

Sin Sin Fine Art 將於 10 月7日 至 11 月4日舉行當代中國畫家邱久麗 (Julia Nee Chu) 的個人畫展──「接觸」,展示畫家最新的一批作品。

出生於上海,目前在美國加州居住及工作,Julia分別於1978年及1981年畢業於加州大學的文學士及藝術系碩士。Julia 作品的風格受抽象表演主義所影響,但同時亦流露出亞洲書法的細緻及流暢 (三藩市中華文化中心策展人 Manni Lui) 。



Exhibition runs 7 OCT - 4 NOV, 2011 SIN SIN FINE ART, 53-54 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong


I really cannot recall where else do I see an event or organization celebrating the 900th anniversary, thus Karmapa really caught my attention. The brand identity has done a beautiful job in delivering the calming sentiment using the symbolic prayer flag as part of the symbol. The integration of the Chinese name is harmonious and balanced.

dry ground

The Horn of Africa needs our help. The lives of millions of Africans across Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya is in threatened by one of the most severe drought and famine-stricken crises in the world. Support Unicef, Red Cross and OCHA and help end what BBC has called “the worst drought in 60 years” to hit the continent.

Our friends are organizing a fundraising silent auction next week to help and make a difference. Please come support, bid on a photograph and stay for a few beers. Dry Ground at The Culture Club Gallery, 15 Lower Elgin Street, Soho, Hong Kong. Friday September 23, from 7-11pm

mad boy

香港街頭藝術家Graphic Airlines的作品從不賣弄可愛, 相反他們以怪誕的卡通人物聞名。香港人不習慣去逛藝廊, 他們就把藝術搬到街上利用街頭藝術讓忙碌的香港人提供一些思考上的刺激。"阿肥" - Graphic Airlines作品中的靈魂人物, 她跟我們一樣生活在這個城市裡, 經歷著我們所經歷的一切。

Alter Boy是一個以"阿肥"為主體的限量版雕塑系列, 當Alter Boy配上不同的配件和衣着,就能組合成千變萬化的形像。每一種形像都表現了一種生活態度,每一種面貌都充滿著趣味,"阿肥"將會玩盡各種造型令大家耳目一新,貫徹着Graphic Airlines的創作精神,用不同的方式去享受創作的旅程。

繼去年推出 Alter Boy version I & II 後, 今次Alter Boy來到Version III這次他的名字叫Mad Boy。MadBoy是家裏的獨子,本是一名品學兼優的高材生,從他一圈一圈的鏡片已略見一斑。但面對現在繁重的功課,幻變的學制,通識教學及將來的愛國教育,他終於發瘋了。在他自已創造的瘋狂世界裏他成為了一位魔術師,與幻想的老虎狗朋友作巡迴表演。

MadBoy將於9月23日於Madhouse登場, 是次只限量推出150個。 介時Madhouse將會變身為夢幻樂園迎接這位魔術師。還有由Graphic Airlines組成的 G LA G LA 帝國樂隊現場演奏, 為平日活在壓力裡的香港人減一減壓。若然你跟Mad Boy一樣快要給這個城市迫瘋那就一起來體驗一下這位魔術師的瘋狂世界。

展覽: Mad Boy In The Wonderland 日期: 9月23日 - 10月8日 地點: Madhouse Contemporary 香港, 柴灣, 50號永泰道, 港利中心8樓804室 開幕酒會: 9月23日晚上7時 - 9時30分 電話: 2815 6007 電郵: info@madhouse.com.hk

hong kong ballet coppélia

Following Swan Lake, Whitespace has worked on The Hong Kong Ballet's next production, Coppélia. Working with the talented Emilie Sarnel on the artwork, the poster captures the comedic love story of Dr. Coppélius and his life-sized doll. Originally premiered in Paris in 1870, this ballet has captured the imaginations throughout the times. The Hong Kong Ballet performs Coppélia on 23-25 September 2011 at 8.00pm and 24-25 September 2011 at 3.00pm, at Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall. Tickets are available through Urbtix.

tom binns

With ARTHK taking over the city this week, Madhouse is joining forces with OnPedder & Joyce on "It is NOW!!" Exhibition - a four-way collaboration for the first-ever Asian public appearance and art exhibition for Irish-born, L.A based fine jewelry artist, Tom Binns. We're looking forward to the opening party combining art, fashion and jewelry.

rat's cave presents my birthday

Our friends over at Rat’s Cave By Start From Zero is proud to present an exhibition by Friendly Liu: My Birthday Exhibition Opening Date 開幕日期, 15 May, 2011 (Sunday), Time: 7pm - 9:30pm
二零一一年五月十五日(星期日) 晚上七時到九時半, Event Date 展覽日期, 15 May, 2011 - 15 June, 2011

Venue 地址, Rat’s Cave By Start From Zero, G/F , 18A-B Tai Ping Shan Street Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 香港上環太平山街 18A-B 地下

Have you ever tried to celebrate your birthday with your family, relatives, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, former classmates, colleagues and some people you might have never met all together? Besides, also work on something that you love at the same time? This year Friendly wants to do it. There is a birthday wish of her, she wants to share this great moment and her art with you at her birthday party. You are invited to "My Birthday Exhibition".

Friendly Liu, born in Hong Kong 1983. Having many kind of influences, Friendly spreads her message via canvases, walls, graphics, photos, stickers or any kind of material to hand – but all have the same focus – bringing positive thinking to her audience, being original and creative, sharing her passion for art, love and culture to every corner of the world. Designer? Writer? Art director? Event organizer? Painter? Illustrator? Or just a beggar……Who knows? She just can’t live without art.

tina loves frames of life

Fashion stylist and blogger Tina Leung was invited by Giorgio Armani to participate in their Frames of Life campaign. Whitespace helped to launch her new site, Tina Loves in time for yesterday evening's event at Puyi Optical at 1881 Heritage. Tina captured images of different people, including some of us at Whitespace, wearing Armani's new collection, and the final selection of images were displayed on a massive wall. Hit up Tina Loves for more fashion inspiration and daily musings from one of Hong Kong's most stylish bloggers.


Jiang Art Gallery presents our friend Laurent Segretier's first solo photography exhibition in Hong Kong entitled 'Rupture'. Laurent uncovers the true female beauty through his soulful lenses. He explores the depth of women's emotions by snatching a glimpse of their facial and body expressions. The 'pixelated strokes' he engraved on the Rupture series give each work a distinct sophisticated personality at the same time. Opening Reception 6:30 - 9PM, Wednesday March 16, 2011 Press and Private Preview 4:30 - 6:30PM

G/F & 1/F 39 Staunton Street, Central Hong Kong March 16 - April 30, 2011

Semi-Permanent presents Lane Crawford Live

Semi-Permanent presents... Lane Crawford Live - An interactive panel of local creative minds

Next week, Hong Kong welcomes Semi-Permanent, the internationally acclaimed conference for creative people, which will be held at the HKCEC in Wan Chai on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 March.

As well as the world-renowned international speakers at Semi-Permanent, we have also partnered with one of Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle brands Lane Crawford to present Lane Crawford Live: an interactive panel of local creative minds.

Lane Crawford Live is a conversation with local creatives about the HK industry and the creative future of greater China. Renowned Hong Kong designers and artists on the panel are Danielle Huthart founder of Whitespace, Douglas Young co-founder of G.O.D., filmmaker Rain Li, artist Simon Birch, and Stanley Wong ping-pui, aka “anothermountainman”.

The audience can suggest themes and questions leading up to and throughout the event via Twitter (#SPHK). Lane Crawford Live will be part of the programme on Saturday, and is open to all Semi-Permanent ticket holders.

Semi-Permanent Hong Kong 2011 is set to magnetise the audience with an action-packed programme of inspirational events. At the two-day conference, some of the most inspirational creative minds of our time will discuss their work, their lives and their philosophy on creating innovative and inspirational art and design.

Join the conversation! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW Early bird offer available till 7 March 2011 at www.hkticketing.com

Semi-Permanent was born from a desire to unite the world’s design communities with a premium creative experience. Join the Semi-Permanent community: www.semipermanent.com (join the database for email updates) www.facebook.com/semipermanent www.twitter.com/semiglobal

tilting the lens exhibition

Twelve students at SCAD Hong Kong will be telling you the story of Sham Shui Po, by putting forward a photographic exhibition – Tilting The Lens: A SCAD Documentation of Sham Shui Po at JCCAC L0 Gallery from March 4 to 11, 2011. The opening reception will be free and open to public on the first exhibition night. Best known for the street markets, computer centres and age-old buildings, Sham Shui Po is in fact an interesting neighborhood going through an urban transformation. To capture the vibrant and historical character in this old-meet-new neighborhood, the exhibition will be showcasing 70 documentary images, as a preview to a future book publication (releasing in 2012).

Whitespace hopes that you will join us to the event to support and embrace the local culture.

Semi-Permanent Hong Kong 2011

Hosted in 9 cities, 5 countries, with 164 speakers and over 42,000 attendees, Semi-Permanent - the Conference for Creative People is finally bringing their debut event to Asia, and we proudly announce Hong Kong as the destination! This two-day internationally acclaimed conference is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 March. Twelve world-renowned speakers, including HK-based artist Simon Birch, Christian Alzmann of Industrial Light & Magic, Grammy award-winning graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and Fashion photographer of 2009 Kayt Jones etc., will be discussing their work, philosophy and life experiences on creating inspirational art, design and media.

Simon Velvin, Global Creative Director for Semi-Permanent said, "Semi-Permanent is now in its ninth year internationally, and we are excited to be bringing the concept to Asia for the first time. Hong Kong is the obvious destination, being a city diverse in design and bustling with culture. We have had overwhelming support from the local community for Semi-Permanent, and are excited that the government, leading creative brands and industry associations are supporting our efforts..."

Whitespace is more than gratified to have become the basecamp and partner of Semi-Permanent for the Hong Kong conference in 2011, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Before Press Briefing

Semi Permanent - Press Briefing

At Semi Permanent's Press Briefing

hong kong ballet nutcracker

Each year The Hong Kong Ballet holds a very special charity benefit performance of The Nutcracker. This year Whitespace donated our creative services and designed the programs, backdrops and materials for the show, under a theme centered around The Kingdom of Toys. Our team worked closely with the benefit committee to create over 40 different pieces of collaterals and artworks used throughout the day's event, which took place in the mezzanine foyer of the Cultural Center before guests attending the fundraiser watch the performance of the Nutcracker in the auditorium. Ashley Tse of The Hong Kong Ballet wrote to us, "Thank you very much to you and your colleagues’ professional and graceful efforts throughout the lead up to the event. The Nutcracker Christmas Benefit 2010 was a great success. All the children and our guests had a joyful time."

We were delighted that our graphics, inspired by the wonderful Nordic designs of Sanna Annukka were appreciated by those that attended, and provided a colorful backdrop to the little ballerinas and dancers that graced the stage that day. Special thanks to our team Veronique Hon and Rosalie Lo who worked with a pre-holiday rush deadline to make this happen!


Over 20 pieces of signages were designed and placed around The Cultural Centre, where the Christmas benefit was held.


Our friend Angelina, sporting one of the stickers.


The main stage backdrop with a list of the sponsors and ten feet tall graphics of the soldier and ballerina.


The program on each of the tables during the lunch benefit.


Little booths for children to play games were created, such as this one, Hit The Hat Off The Snowman.

detour communal table series

Join us at Detour's Communal Table Series this week for an informal chat and exchange of ideas about food, design, art and culture. We'll be speaking with Stanley Wong, Danny Fang from Fang Studios and Michael Leung from HK Honey. At S|M|L, Wednesday December 1st, first come, first served! detour_communaltable